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Best Brains Online - A How-To Guide

Author: Best Brains Aug 10, 2020

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Hi, everyone! This is Ms. Alyssa. You may know me as the host of All About Things, the YouTube series where I share cool, weird, and fascinating facts about all sorts of topics. This is my How-To Guide for our online programs. Today, we're going to talk about what the Best Brains Online program is, and how you can get the benefits of our instruction from anywhere!

The Basics

Just like our in-class instruction, you can attend Math, English and Abacus courses online. You'll use the same materials you use when you're in center, and meet weekly, just like you would normally. We also have other classes you can take online, like Public Speaking and Daytime Learning.

Tips for New Parents - Getting Started

Just signed up for Best Brains online or thinking about signing up? Here's what you'll need to do. First, you need to make sure every child who's signed up for classes takes a diagnostic test. These get sent to you in your email. Make sure you can finish the whole thing in one session! A diagnostic test is meant to assess how much your child already knows, so that we can start learning new stuff right away. So, don't feel bad if they don't know something. We'll teach it to them!

Once the diagnostic test has been completed, you can choose when your child will attend class. Remember, Math and English classes are a half hour each and Abacus classes are an hour. We teach Math and English at the same time if you're enrolled in both. Currently we use the program Zoom to connect students with our teachers. Make sure that the device you give your child has a functioning webcam and that you have a solid internet connection. You can download Zoom here.

Make sure you find a space in your home where your child can attend class. Try to find a place with minimal noise, since nobody likes to be interrupted by loud noises when they're trying to talk or taking a test. Also make sure that there is a solid writing surface, since we're working on homework packets. Be sure to have a pencil and a set of crayons, since we do lots of coloring! If you're in Abacus class, make sure that you have enough room for your workbook and the Abacus tool, since it has to lay flat on the table. Otherwise your beads are going to start sliding around!

Tips for New Students - Best Brains Homework

When you sign up for online learning, you'll be getting all your materials on a month-by-month basis. If you're signed up for Math, English, and Abacus, that's 12 books. That can feel like a lot of work! But don't worry, once you break it down over time it won't seem like so much.

You shouldn't be spending more than 15 minutes per subject on homework. However, you should be working on your homework every day, except for days you have class. Those days, the work is already done! We want students to work on their homework daily since it's the best way to learn and to retain information. If you need help, you can always check the front of your packet for instructions and the answers you went through with the teacher. If you still need help, you can request to meet with your teacher for extra instruction. Click this link to fill out the form. (There's also a really nice tutorial for using Zoom here, too!)

Tips for Best Brains Families - Stick With It!

When we don't have to see each other face-to-face, it can be difficult to hold ourselves accountable. But take my advice: the way to get the most out of the Best Brains Online experience is to stay committed to the process. Be ready for class with a sharpened pencil, fresh crayons, a good eraser, and a positive attitude. Don't be afraid to ask questions; the teacher wants to interact with you! Make sure you're doing each section of the homework every day without putting if off or rushing through it to finish. Parents, make sure you're sending the homework back to be graded, checking periodically for completion, and staying in regular communication with teachers and administrators to make sure you're following the plan. Utilize homework help, it's a part of the program and is meant to be used by all our students each week to make sure they're learning, retaining knowledge, and staying motivated. Lastly, encourage your friends and fellow parents who might be struggling to give Best Brains a try. We can do so much more to help kids all over the US and Canada, but we can't do it without you. Thanks for checking out my How-To Guide, everyone. And remember, Be Your Best!


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