Our Values

Individualized Attention

Teachers work 1-on-1 with students in small groups to assure personal attention is paid to every child. We tailor our curriculum to a child's needs, and make sure that we are utilizing our time with our students to teach them the concepts they need to succeed.

Incremental Improvements

Every decision we make is designed to support the child’s journey to be their best. We believe daily practice at a steady pace yields the best, most lasting results.

Personal Responsibility

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we expect our students to be personally responsible for their own success, and to be responsible members of their local community and of the world.

The Best Brains Model

No contracts!

Students attend our core programs on a month-to-month basis.

Weekly Instruction

Students meet with teachers weekly and practice concepts daily.

Progress & Feedback

Receive personalized feedback every week as your child advances in through the curriculum!



Celebrating 10 Years of Success

Since 2011, we have educated thousands of children across North America.

We now offer 10+ programs providing enrichment opportunities for every child.

Our Best Brains Online models connects kids from any state or province to our programs.

From PreK to ACT/SAT prep: Best Brains provides students with the tools they need to succeed!

Why are our teachers the BEST?

Our teachers work locally in nearby schools

State or provincial board certified

Years of proven experience and effectiveness in the classroom

Available for conferences with parents

Dedicated to improving education for students

The Best Brains Curriculum

Each program is developed by real teachers.

Hundreds of teachers across our organization peer review every lesson we create.

Each program held to the same standard of excellence as our core programs.

We encourage incremental improvement with fun and engaging daily practice.

Whether children are behind or above their grade level, we can help any student improve academically.

We help to develop...

A Love of learning


Out-of-the-box thinking

Knowledge retention