Our English Program

Our English program goes beyond the basics of reading comprehension to cover all 5 components of language arts. By balancing reading comprehension with writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, our students learn how to communicate, analyze text and express ideas with clarity.

Every level of our English program is designed to enhance skills and challenge students with content intended to give them an edge on school writing assignments and individual reading level. This varied approach also retains interest in the subject and encourages reading and writing for enjoyment and self-expression.

What concepts are covered? Just to name a few...

Letter Sounds/Phonics

Comprehension and Critical Thinking

Grammar Skills

Novel Studies

Writing Development

Vocabulary Acquisition

What are the benefits of Best Brains English?

Expanded grammar and vocabulary knowledge

Preparation for high school essay writing

Improved reading and writing skills

A strong foundation in overall comprehension

English Sample Pages

English Beginner Image 1 English Beginner Image 2 English Beginner Image 3

Ages: 3-5
By providing all the foundational skills to become a fluent reader plus an introduction to topics like transportation and places around the world, our phonics levels will give your child and edge in the classroom.

English Intermediate Image 1 English Intermediate Image 2 English Intermediate Image 3

Ages: 6-9
Aspects of language arts like reading, writing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary are vital skills not only in education but in life. Our well-rounded curriculum allows your child to take their fluency to the next level.

English Advanced Image 1 English Advanced Image 2 English Advanced Image 3

Ages: 10 and above
Rigorous text analysis and engaging novel studies prepare students for standardized testing.