Our Math Program

Our Math program is designed to strengthen understanding and improve performance in a student’s regular math education. Any student can benefit from our Math program, since concepts are taught one at a time and progress is monitored to keep students moving forward through our levels.

Computational and non-computational concepts are covered weekly and complement one another to provide new ways for students to learn. We use many strategies like word problems, real-world applications, timed quizzes and puzzle solving to keep daily practice fun and interesting.

What concepts are covered? Just to name a few...

Number Sense and Counting

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Decimals and Fractions

Probability and Statistics

Algebra and Geometry

What are the benefits of Best Brains Math?

Increased confidence, understanding, and problem-solving skills

Preparation for school-related tests and assessments

Weekly instruction from a board-certified teacher

A strong foundation of math literacy that can be applied inside or outside the classroom

Math Sample Pages

Math Beginner Image 1 Math Beginner Image 2 Math Beginner Image 3

Ages: 3-5
Our program will give your child a head-start in math by teaching concepts related to number identification, number sequence, writing numbers, using manipulatives, and more.

Math Intermediate Image 1 Math Intermediate Image 2 Math Intermediate Image 3

Ages: 6-9
Memorization is not the way to learn. We provide students the skills to build a strong foundation in all mathematical concepts through word problems, higher level critical thinking problems, and logic puzzles.

Math Advanced Image 1 Math Advanced Image 2 Math Advanced Image 3

Ages: 10 and above
As your child continues to build on their math abilities, they will be receiving the tools they need to excel now and anywhere that life takes them.