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Best Brains Online

Best Brains Online is the eLearning solution you've been looking for!

Looking for 1-on-1 attention from real teachers in the comfort and safety of your own home? With Best Brains Online, your child can attend eLearning classes designed to help them Be Their Best!

Best Brains Online takes everything great about our weekly instruction and brings it directly to your home, via your computer or tablet. Your child attends small, weekly classes with a real, certified teacher, works on daily homework assignments made specifically for them, and you receive weekly feedback on their progress!

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Take Our Assessment

Curious about how your child is performing academically? Sign up for our free Online Assessment Test. By answering our questions, we'll be able to assess your child's current knowledge base, and place them in our Math and English curriculum to start learning new concepts from their first Best Brains session.

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Finalize Enrollment

Ready to get started? Choose a weekly date and time we can expect your child in class, and your administrator will send your online enrollment form and mail you your Best Brains Starter Pack so that your child is prepped and ready for their first class!

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Attend Class

Children attend weekly classes with up to 3 students per class. Teachers teach students Math and English concepts and administer periodic tests to track progress. Students interact with their teacher, ask questions, and complete the day's assignments.

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Use Our Ongoing Support

Teachers will provide parents with personalized feedback emailed directly to your inbox each week, detailing progress, areas of improvement, and positive comments to keep kids motivated to succeed. You can also schedule a 1-on-1 session with teachers to go over difficult problems in your child's homework. Additionally, your administrator is available for meetings and to offer advice. We provide weekly blogs on our website, videos for kids and parents on YouTube, and occasionally host fun live events and contests, all online!

Want to go beyond Math and English? Check out the other eLearning programs we offer!

  • Coding: Best Brains teachers lead students through weekly modules in this homework-free program designed to strengthen logic, encourage creativity, and increase computer literacy.
  • Public Speaking: Conquer the #1 phobia with an ePublic Speaking course. Weekly assignments bring kids out of their shell and help find their unique voice, to speak confidently, articulately, and with purpose.
  • Test Prep: Graduates of Best Brains Math and English programs still have a lot to learn! Our Test Prep program helps kids entering high school to master advanced skills, practice test taking strategies, and strengthen the knowledge base to help them tackle final exams, SATs, ACTs, and exit exams with confidence. Any child who tests out of our Online Diagnostic test is eligible for the Test Prep Program, so schedule their assessment today!