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About Best Brains

Best Brains is the premiere US-based learning program designed for every child who wants to be their best! It all starts with our teachers. We hire board certified teachers to teach our Math and English classes, and prioritize qualified educators to teach our additional programs. Our curriculum is unique to us and designed to be the most effective way to teach concepts for lifelong learning.

Founded in 2011 with just two locations, Best Brains has grown to over 150 learning centers in the US, Canada, and beyond! With options for virtual and in-center learning, every child can benefit from a course with Best Brains. From guaranteed 1-on-1 interaction with board certified teachers, to daily practice using a fun, non-repetitive approach, to a growing catalog of programs and opportunities for knowledge, enrolling in Best Brains can help any child succeed both in and outside of the classroom!

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