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What is CogAT?

Author: Best Brains Jul 06, 2020

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As parents, we are always looking for ways for our children to get ahead, prepare for college, and enjoy learning as much as possible. To that end, gifted and talented programs make students feel engaged and excited at school. Because of this, there can be some very difficult competition in order to qualify for these programs. To that end, many schools have turned to an assessment called the CogAT, or Cognitive Abilities Test, to determine which students to enroll in these programs each year.

The CogAT was developed by Dr. David F. Lohman and Dr. Joni Lakin and is implemented across the country. The test itself can be administered at any grade level, K-8, with different versions of the test for different grades. Unlike a traditional standardized test, the CogAT measures reasoning, puzzle-solving, and logic. It's designed to test how a child thinks, as opposed to what a child knows. It's important to note that different states may implement the test in different ways, so it's important to communicate with your child's individual school to learn exactly what is expected of the students.

If a child is not expected to learn facts or figures, how can they prepare for a test like this? Using a CogAT preparatory program, students are introduced to the test concepts, take practice versions of the test, and learn to think more abstractly. CogAT prep courses not only help students before taking the CogAT, they also strengthen the skills the CogAT itself is testing for, which has huge benefits for your child's education in general!

Are you interested in signing your child up for CogAT test prep? Find a local center offering the program today!