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Time to Get Back to School

Author: Best Brains Aug 01, 2023

A desk covered in books and papers, school supplies, and an apple.

Yes, you read that right. Back-to-School season is upon us again. Pretty soon our kids will be sitting down in the classroom or in front of the computer to attend classes. Do you feel prepared?

If you're concerned about getting ready for the new school year, be sure to consult our Ultimate Back-to-School checklist. Transitioning from summer to fall can be a lot of steps.

Next, prioritize the educational goals of your kids this year. What is going to be their biggest academic challenge? Are they starting their first year at a new school? Is there an important exam like the Texas STAAR that may determine future opportunities? Maybe it's their last year at a school before they graduate to a new one, transitioning from elementary school to middle school? Whatever the circumstances, you can anticipate and work towards any upcoming or ongoing event which may cause a lot of stress.

You'll also want to check in with your Best Brains center administrator. How will your child balance school work and Best Brains work? Maybe you'd like to change the frequency of receiving homework packets, or change the date and time of weekly classes to fit your child's new schedule. Our center admins can work with you to help with the transition and make sure that your child feels confident and supported.

We also suggest looking into our other programs. You might be thinking that your child can't handle more work, but we offer a variety of homework-free courses designed to both teach and entertain. School can be stressful! Having a new after school class to look forward to can help relieve some of that pressure. Our new Coding courses are beginning at many locations. Public Speaking is a great course to take as well, especially if a new school or uncertain situation is causing anxiety in your child. They can use our Speech League exercises as a way to cope and gain back their confidence.

Lasty, many of our test prep programs will begin this fall. Students in grade 7 or above are eligible for our new ACT/SAT prep course. This program is designed to boost students' performance in high school level courses, as well as prepare them for college admission tests. Now is the time to start planning and making sure your child will have the availability in their schedule.

From all of us at Best Brains, we wish you a productive Back-to-School season, and we'll see you in class!