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Creating a Family Calendar

Author: Best Brains Jul 27, 2020

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Soccer practice, swimming lessons, after-school tutoring, dinner with the in-laws, dance recital, and the list goes on and on!

If this sounds like the narrative constantly running through your head, then it might be time to invest in a family calendar. Maintaining a family calendar takes a little bit of time, but saves so many headaches for busy families on the go. When designing your calendar, you have a few options to choose from. Let's take a look.

The Digital Calendar

As our lives have moved more online, technology has evolved to help us organize. Hence, digital calendar apps and time management services were created. These digital calendars are great for high tech families, families in which every member uses an email address, or families who live in separate locations. Here are some recommendations for the best calendar apps to suit your family's needs.

The Physical Calendar

With a physical calendar, you have a tangible way to keep track of all the events and to-dos in your life. Physical calendars can come with lots of stickers and tabs for easy organization. They're great for low tech families, as well as families of younger children who do not use apps beyond streaming video. Plus, physical calendars can be a little more specific to help you focus on individual goals and pursuits. Here are some recommendations for the best physical calendars to match your lifestyle.

The DIY Calendar

This is for creative families who want a project to work on together! With a DIY calendar, you get to decide your layout, the colors used, and the way entries are made. It's all yours! Plus, it can become a fun piece of décor. Children of all ages can interact with a DIY calendar, and it can evolve with you as your family grows and changes over time. You can find some great inspiration to create your DIY calendar here.

We all could use some help getting organized and maintaining that organization. You can always find resources for you and your family to make scheduling your lives a little easier. Maybe you can even pencil in some time to relax!