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Best Brains' New Coding Program Makes STEM Fun!

Feb-22, 2021

A child working at a computer on a programming exercise

Best Brains Coding Program is here! Coding has been a highly requested and hotly anticipated addition to the Best Brains catalogue of outstanding programs. It's also the most requested alongside our Public Speaking and Creative Writing classes. We're so excited to share this program with you, and to grow and expand these programs in the coming months!

Coding programs have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it's easy to see why! As our world becomes more and more automated, digital, and plugged in, more and more code is required to do the heavy lifting to keep this world running. A basic understanding of computer science will be essential for our kids as they grow up and enter the workforce, and more and more jobs will require computer literacy to stay relevant.

STEM education is vital for our kid's success, not only to challenge them academically but to impart valuable 21st century skills. Coding courses engage logical and creative thinking at once, making them the perfect choice for a growing mind. Plus, most kids love new media and are endlessly curious about how it works and how they can create content of their own!

Is my child old enough for Coding classes?

We've designed several levels of courses to provide content for kids across a wide spectrum of ages. Since coding requires a certain level of math literacy, we start beginner courses at 1st Grade. We offer classes for kids all the way up to 8th Grade, when they are ready to use the skills they've learned in the real world.

What types of Coding courses are available?

Currently, we are offering 3 types of Coding courses. Students can take all courses appropriate for their age level before graduating to the next step, or they can focus on a single platform. These are the platforms we currently offer:

  • Scratch – Fun, colorful, and user-friendly. Coding in Scratch is perfect for beginning learners of any age. Our Scratch courses incorporate animation and sound to teach students coding fundamentals, how computer logic functions, and how to create working code. Scratch is an excellent introduction to coding, full of engaging content kids love to interact with.
  • Python – A coding language used by many developers, Python class teaches students how to write and debug code as well as create their own interactive programs. Emphasizing logic, critical thinking, and creativity, Python courses challenge students to develop and execute programs similar to those used in the real world. These courses provide valuable skills for students with a casual interest in coding, as well as give a solid foundation for students who want to pursue developing and programing as a hobby or career.
  • Web Development – These days, everyone has a website. Websites are the digital storefronts through which we interact with the online world. Best Brains Web Development courses cover all aspects of web page creation, from user experience to interface design to coding functionality. Students also learn the components to make a compelling website people love to visit. Graduates of our web development courses will be able to build a professional looking website for their own use, whether to promote their creative endeavors, host their resume and accomplishments for college applications, or be the face of their start-up company selling goods or services.

Is it safe to let our kids online?

Internet safety is a huge concern for us, and teaching internet safety is an integral component of our Coding programs. Students are well informed about proper internet usage, potential dangers and hazards of being online, and how to protect themselves and their identities. Plus, they are under supervision from our instructors during class time to ensure proper conduct. Best Brains students who take our Coding courses are not just more computer literate than their peers, they're more computer savvy, too!

Will my Best Brains location offer Coding classes?

Coding is a brand-new class for us, and while we'd like every center to be involved, the program might not be available right away. Contact your local center to get more information about when Coding will be available in your area!

If you're ready to get started with Coding, you can enroll in our Online Coding courses now.

Can my child's friends also take Coding with Best Brains?

Does your child have friends that don't currently attend classes with Best Brains but might be interested in Coding? They're welcome to join! Just like any of our optional programs, Coding is available to anyone who meets the requirements. And remember, any child you refer to us earns you a $25 credit towards your next month's tuition.