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What is Too Much When It Comes to Homework?

Author: Best Brains Oct 19, 2018

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We can all recognize the benefits of homework, even though we do not like it. We know it can help teach children about time management and give them a good foundation of study skills, as well as give them continued practice on subjects they are learning in class. But is there a point where we say it is too much? Or a child is too young?

Parents around the country are asking the same question. It comes as a response to seeing their students come home with what seems like mountains of homework and some of them are only just beginning their academic careers. Many parents and teachers alike are seeing some pretty negative results to this.

Some parents have reported their kindergartners coming home with up to 25 minutes of homework every day, their first graders seeing about 28 minutes of daily homework, and some second graders spending approximately 29 minutes a night on school work. It may not seem a like a lot of time compared to what some middle school and high schoolers see. But for a five-year-old who doesn’t have the capability to sit still for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time, this can be overwhelming.

And studies are proving it. Kids who report having over the recommended amount of homework on a regular basis tend to have more of a dislike for school, more behavioral problems, and more physical health issues as well, such as migraines, sleep deprivation, ulcers, and weight loss. Homework is literally stressing them out and making them sick.

Early education children should be spending far more time with their families, playing outdoors, and learning about life in general than stuck in a chair being drilled on math concepts. A healthy early childhood needs a balance of the two, proving that more is not always better.

How Much Homework Should They Have?

The National Parent-Teacher Association or PTA and the National Education Association or NEA both agree on what is called the “10-minute rule.” This suggests that children should have no more than 10 minutes of homework each night per grade. So, first graders should have no more than 10 minutes of homework time, second graders should have less than 20 minutes of homework, and so on up to 120 minutes of homework time for high school seniors.

Luckily, we are not seeing an overabundance of schools giving too much homework yet. Recent studies show that only about 20% of schools report an average homework time over the recommended amount. These schools are most generally those in affluent communities, where parents and teachers are more likely to push students into the top schools in the country.

If you find that your child has what seems to be too much homework, there are ways to help them out without doing the work for them. Check out some ideas to help your child succeed here.