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The Indoor Relay Race

Author: Best Brains Apr 08, 2020

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Got two or more kids at home that need physical activity? Put them to the test with a fun relay race! Activities can take place in different rooms or all in one big, open area. We recommend going barefoot on non-carpeted surfaces to prevent slipping for this one. Kid Contestants complete several timed activities in a specific order. Whoever has the fastest time is the winner! Remember to adjust the length and duration of activities for the ability of your Kid Contestants. Here’s a list of suggested activities, or “legs,” for your race, but definitely come up with your own based on your child’s talents or what supplies you have in the house:

  • Strings and Things: Line up a row of shoes, ribbons and/or strings. Tie them into bows. The first Contestant to finish all the ties can move on!
  • The Obstacle Crawl – Contestants most walk on their hands and feet on a straight line over a series of obstacles (disposable cups, toilet paper rolls, etc). Contestants must make three trips forward and back across this line: forward they go straight over, and back they weave in between. Find a way to mark each pass, either by ringing a bell, stacking a block, or putting an object in a box. The first contestant to make all three laps without knocking over their obstacles can move on!
  • Over and In – Contestants lie on their backs. At their heads, place a receptacle like a plastic tub or a toy chest. And their feet, sit ready with several soft and relatively large objects, like stuffed animals or toilet paper rolls. Contestants must grip an item with their feet, and lift it over and in with their legs, depositing the item in the receptacle. Contestants will need help getting the items in their feet, so make sure you have enough helpers for this one. Once all items are in the receptacle, the Contestant can move on!
  • Fill R Up! - Due to the likelihood of spilled water, we suggest this leg for carpeted surfaces only! Set up a cup filled close to the top with water and one end of a room and a bowl of water and a spoon at the other end. Contestants most carry a spoonful of water to the other end and deposit it into the glass. The first Contestant whose glass overflows can move on!
  • Quick Peel – Contestants must sit at a table, and then peel and section several citrus fruits. Clementines or tangerines work best for this one, but older Contestants can peel oranges or even grapefruit. Be careful if using a peeler! Set out a bowl or plate for peels and another for the fruit sections. The first Contestant to peel and section all their fruits can move on!

Make sure you have a special treat for the winner! Whether it’s a trophy, medal, or ribbon, or even a special treat like an extra hour of screen time, a pizza dinner, or choice of film for your next movie night.

So, are you having an indoor relay race at your house? Who ended up the winner? Share with us on social media at!