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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Report Cards

Author: Best Brains Dec 20, 2017

Student Report Card

Report cards can be a stressful ordeal for parents and students alike. Even if the child typically makes good grades, it is easy for them to be worried about making specific grades and meeting expectations. As parents, we naturally want our children to succeed. We want them to learn all they can and be the best at everything they try. However, there are times when they may struggle to meet those expectations for themselves and for you. So, here are a few simple ideas to remember as you get your child’s report cards.

The Good

Always praise a good report card. Let your child know that you are proud of them and the accomplishments they have made. Don’t just say it either, show them. Post it up on the refrigerator, a cork board, or even frame it.

Inspire them to create good work habits. It is important that your student learns study and work habits that will help them to succeed. Install a love of reading in them. Be a good example of this by reading often yourself. Work with them to put together a game plan for studying and time management.

If your child has straight A’s, don’t always assume that this is the best they can do. Often those who ace everything are not being challenged enough. This can turn into boredom and the start of bad habits, so make sure that your child is able to learn at higher levels or advanced classes if they wish to.

The Bad

When your child comes home with a bad report card, it is important to talk about it with your child. Don’t just sweep it under the rug and hope for the best next time. Make sure they are understanding the work asked of them and the instructions in class. Encourage them to try their best.

A bad grade does not mean that he or she is a failure in that area. Nor does it mean that you are a failure as a parent. What it does mean is there is room for improvement. This is a time for you and your child to discuss and work out a process that will help them in whatever area they need.

Many parents have found success for their child after offering incentives for good grades. Adults and children alike love rewards so its no surprise that a trip to the ice cream shop, the movies, or a special dinner might inspire a student to put forth hard work and focus.

The Ugly

The ugly part of report cards is that they are not all created equally. Whether your child has good or bad grades, remember that a report card may not show everything you need to know. Also, every teacher is different. They may grade a little more strict or easy than others.

Therefore, it is very important that you are involved with their education. This not only ensures you aren’t missing anything, making report cards a surprise, but also proves to your child that you put a high value on their success and education. They will learn to do the same.

Be involved with their homework. Set aside a certain time for them to do it and be available should they need help. Know your child’s projects and upcoming exams. Pay attention to graded work. For older students, know their classes. Make sure what they are taking will set them up for success and lead them to a brighter future.