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Senior Citizen's Day

Author: Best Brains Aug 21, 2017

Senior Citizen's Day

Senior Citizen's Day is celebrated in the United States on August 21stevery year and this day was createdto support, honorandshow love and appreciation to the contributions senior citizens conduct to the society of the United States.


President Ronald Regan was the initiator of the Senior Citizen's Day in the US, on August 19th, 1988. It was then thathe declared August 21stof each year to be Senior Citizen's Day. However, prior to 1988 when the day was created, some people already celebrated asimilar day on August 14th, as Senior Day, because that's the day Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in the year 1935.

There are also different dates and a variety of appreciation days for elderly people worldwide; but they all have the same purpose: to appreciate the elderly people for their contribution towards our communities.

What to do on this day?

This day can be celebrated by giving thanks and possibly by providing support to older people in your community. Also recognize their achievements and contributions made, which is very important to all of us to give them the respect and affection they need. Families will often provide a gift or have some sort of celebration focused on the seniors on this day, so this is your time to appreciate their work. Senior Citizen's Day is not a federal holiday, but rather an observance to show our love, supportand respect.

Plan for a family gathering or gift them something which may make them happy, take them out for dinner, go for a walk or spend the whole day with them. Always remember to respect them for whatever they did for us and for our society.