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January Activities

Author: Best Brains Jan 11, 2016

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Hola! So we're in the New Year 2016! Fabulous! I'm sure you'd loads of fun with some wonderful activities and events in the past few days, or even better, having them still going on. So, kids, what all is new this New Year? Yes, new year, new beginnings, new resolutions, new experiences; yes, everything is new! There is a whole lot to look forward to in this month. As we all know, it is also one of the coldest months of the calendar, being just the second month of the winter season. With the onset of January, you know that winter has you in its grip and you need to plan your activities keeping the weather in mind. But hey, January must not be only about shrugs and sweaters and jackets, or for that matter, even gloomy and dull days staying indoors. January heralds the beginning of a new year, so would you like to begin the year in such a boring and lethargic way?  I can hear a unanimous no from your side. Good! So, let’s put some life and soul in this mistaken to be the bland season!

I hope you guys are all geared up to have an eventful January. Can I get a ‘yes?’ Nah, I do not hear anything. Louder, please? Wow! Now, I hear something. Great! Yes, we’re about to begin. But wait, ain’t we forgetting something? Yes, you’re right, we have to keep up with the tradition of getting ourselves erudite about the history and significance of the subject in the talk (Seems like you are really doing your lessons well in the memorizing section of the Best Brains tutorials and remembering things very well; kudos!).

Here's the gyaan about the month: January is the first month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Now, tell me, where did you last read about the Julian and the Gregorian calendars in our blogs? Yes, the New Year's eve article. We strongly recommend you to refer it once again for brushing up your knowledge on this subject. Moving on, January is one of the seven months with a length of 31 days. It is one of the coldest months in the Northern Hemisphere. And interestingly, one of the warmest months in the Southern Hemisphere. Well, that's geography for you! 

Historically, January (in Latin, Ianuarius) is named after Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions; the name has its beginnings in Roman mythology, coming from the Latin word for door (Ianua) since January is the door to the year.

Coming to its traditional significance, January was not really a month until late 713 BC. It was only after the semi-mythical successor of Romulus, King Numa Pompilius's supposed addition to the Roman calendar with the months of January and February that this month came into existence. Of course, this event didn’t go unnoticed because it led to another eventful spectator that of the Roman calendar to equalizing a standard lunar year (354 days). 

So, that was the historical segment of this month. Now, let's head to the fun part and get down with some mind-boggling activities you must look forward to, this January. Simply because the sun is not shining in all its glory, doesn't really mean that you hit hibernation all the way till Spring! So, my dear kids, gear up to take the whole advantage of these winter seasons, you have no idea how much the children down south yearn for snow and all its related feastings!

Here's how you can make January a memorable season:

Learn to Sew

Well, let’s start the list by ‘eating a frog.’ Now do you know what it means? No? Then rush and find that out on the web. Okay, let’s make things simpler for you and tell you the meaning right here. Basically, Eating the Frog refers to doing a difficult task. So, if someone asks you to eat the frog, then it simply means that you must do a relatively tough thing.

What can be better this winter than learning about ways to beat it? Exactly! That’s why we recommend that you start learning to sew. It’s such a beneficial hobby that you will never stop thanking yourself for having picked up this skill. 

So pick up that needle and a string of thread along with a piece of cloth and let your hands do the talking. Also, you may start learning to knit too! Yes, it does require some good amount of hard work before you can master it. But not to worry, just browse the internet or take some tutorials from your mom or any adult who is skilled at it. And soon enough, you can stitch your own clothes. Wow! You may go on to become a fashion designer, too. Now, that must keep your eyes twinkling!

Warm up a Campfire

In winters, nothing can be more comforting than cuddling with a warm blanket beside a live campfire. So learn to prepare a campfire and bask in its enticing warmth.
Also, pack up some snacks and scary tales for your company, and you’ll have a cracking time, quite literally.

Make a Collage of the pictures of your Family Tree

Do you know all of your aunts, uncles, their kids, your grandparents’ siblings, your mother’s far-away-living bespectacled cousin? Well, we think you do not. So we propose that you sit down with your parents, or better still with your grandparents and learn about your family tree. This works in many ways: you learn about the history and lineage of your family, you get to spend some quality time with your grandparents, and you also spend your time doing a very fruitful thing.

Well, now that you are well-informed about your family’s ancestry after this educative session with your grannies, then go and collect their pictures. Get creative, get innovative and make a great collage of your family tree. You can relate people using arrows, markers etc. You’re the artist here, so go all out to present your pedigree in the best way possible! After all, aren’t you very proud to be a part of it? Yes? Then, prove it here, mate!

Host a Hot-Chocolate Party

Winters are the perfect time to enjoy a cup of that mouth-watering hot chocolate. So since the season is in full swing, then why not enjoy those amazing sessions of drinking hot chocolate.
You can even call up your friends, cousins, neighbors, in fact almost anyone out there for a party at your home. We believe that it’s always a good idea to share the goodness, and what better than sharing the delight of hot drinks with everyone around. Adds to your good Karma too, we swear.

Have a Movie Marathon

Now, we totally get this – sometimes it’s really very dull outside and you find the greatest pleasure in just staying indoors, with little or no work altogether. So, in such cases, what would you do for entertainment? Watch Movies? Yes, that’s it! Go on a marathon of watching movies. There might be several films which you’d have missed due to some reason or the other. This is the time to fill in the gap and go on binge-watching movies.

Do remember to make your friends, siblings and friends join in this endeavor and enjoy the fun together. And yes, do not forget to keep loads of popcorn beside you while watching flicks. Although, we’d highly recommend you to make some yummy and healthy salads and sandwiches with mom to relish the wholesome nutrition with wholesome entertainment. That’s a fab idea, isn’t it? Yes, we know! 

Direct a Stop-Motion Movie

Okay, so you’ve dreamt of being the next Steven Spielberg? Super cool! We wish the very best in this endeavor. Also, we think you must start working towards your dream right from now. Of course, it’s always better to start early. 

So, get all your toys out, frames, dolls or anything that is worth being a character in your movie. Take a good camera and start clicking pictures of each of these objects. Now transport the pictures to a movie-maker and keep the duration of each picture to a second or so. Add voice-over and some good graphics if you want. Voila! Our Golden Jubilee marking movie is ready. Kudos, future Spielberg! We suggest you be ready with your award acceptance speech!

Be the Best Do-gooder around

Well, it certainly helps to be a good person. Yes, many sitcoms, movies, and other social media platforms say that it’s cool to be rude or arrogant. But the truth is being good is the best trait you can have in life. Ask your elders and they will speak volumes on this. 
Visit your community hall and lend your hand in small chores, or distribute your old toys among lesser fortunate children. You can do as little as helping an old man or woman cross the road if you’re old enough to cross it by yourself. Least you can do is to help mom with the household chores and earn brownie points. On a lighter note, you can even visualize that cherished toy you wanted on Christmas already! 

But regardless of anything, just be kind, helpful and sweet; and if not your parents, at least, God will certainly take notice of your good deeds and bless you with everything you ever wanted! 

Visit a Museum:

Alright, we understand that you cannot really spend too much time playing outdoors (unless and until it’s a winter sport, of course), but that doesn’t mean that you look for excuses to not leave your cozy home at any cost. 

You can most certainly visit a Museum on a winter evening. As the lights glow and the evening sets in, the museum looks enchanting with its awestriking collections, souvenirs, and memoirs. This is the perfect season to go and visit a museum because on most other days, you always look for other things to do. So now, no escaping.
Visiting museums and galleries makes you educated and knowledgeable about several things and as you know, everyone loves smart and well-informed kids.

And not just for the sake of knowledge, you can have a great time learning new things, histories, people, and places. Otherwise, you can simply gaze at the amazing collections there. We bet you will love the experience. By the way, even Ben Stiller had an awesome time on A Night at the Museum! <Wink>

Start an Airband

Now all you bathroom singers out there who just love singing, this might be your tryst with fame. Just play some of your favorite tracks and lip-sync them. You may also use proxy music instruments just to get the feel. 
And yes, you may also choreograph some funky moves and act to suit the mood of the song. So, unleash the Rockstar in you, and get going! Cheers to the future Justin Biebers and Selena Gómezes. And in case, you are looking for a music band, then seek some inspiration from Band of Boys or even the Pussy Cat Dolls. Ooh la la…

Watch the Northern Lights

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and have missed the Northern Lights then, friend, you’ve missed on something indispensable! Seriously! 
The Northern Lights (AKA Aurora Borealis) refers to the collisions between the electrically charged particles of the sun and the earth’s atmosphere. The result is the flash of dazzling lights that is so mesmerizing that they leave you awestruck and amazed! 
To enjoy the Northern Lights, head to a high altitude location at around midnight on a clear night with some essentials like tent, mattresses, blankets, food, drinks and voila! You’ll have a spectacular outing without much effort as you let your eyes gaze at the mystic beauty that fills your heart with unparalleled admiration and enchantment! 

So we hope that you have lesser excuses to stay at home now in the month January. Make the best use of these winter days and outshine them with your zeal and inner exuberance! Is anyone still shying away from winter? Our advice – Read this article yet again!