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Is Summer Education a Good Idea?

Author: Best Brains May 22, 2023

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Summer is traditionally a time when kids get to relax, play, and pursue non-academic pursuits. But summertime just might be the best time of year to focus on education. What makes summer education so appealing? Let’s take a look.

Summer Learning Loss

It’s a quantifiable fact that children do forget Math and English skills over the summer. This can lead to several weeks at the start of each school year working back up to the correct level. Over a period of years, this extra time can add up. Not to mention the extra frustration during an already stressful back-to-school season. Continuing Math and English studies over the long break combats summer learning loss and positions your child ahead for the next school year.


While every student deserves to relax and enjoy their summer break, this does not mean that abandoning all routine is healthy. Without structure, days and weeks can blend together. Not to mention, summer assignments like novel reading become easy to ignore, leading to cramming in preparation for going back to school. Keeping a schedule that includes summer education keeps your child’s mind engaged. The comfort of a routine balances work and play and allows your child to appreciate both.

Good Time Management

Without huge blocks of time in your child’s schedule taken up by school, summer break can be an excellent opportunity to let your child create their own schedule. What do they need to accomplish each week? What times of the day are available to work toward that goal? Let your child self-guide their own education, with your supervision and advice, and use the summer break as a way to learn responsibility and time management skills. Your child will be ready to go back to school calm and confident, knowing that they are fully prepared. Summer education gives your child weekly goals to work toward, and the extra time with educators can mean extra advice for your whole family.

As you can see, pursuing summer education for your child still allows for plenty of fun and enjoyment during the long break between the end of one school year and the beginning of another. But the benefits to your child’s overall education and growth are many. Want to learn more about your options for summer education? Follow this link to set up a meeting with a qualified education provider in your area!