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International Day of Friendship

Author: Best Brains Jul 04, 2023

International Day of Friendship is an initiative which follows the proposal made by UNESCO and taken up by the UN General Assembly in 1997 as per the act - A/RES/52/13, which defined the Culture of Peace as a set of attitudes, valuesand behaviors that reject violence and endeavor to stop conflicts by addressing their root causes with a vision to solve the problems.

However, the resolution of 1998, proclaim the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World from 2001 to 2010 as per the - A/RES/53/25 Act, later the General Assembly recognized that the massive harm and suffering were caused to children through different forms of violence. It emphasized that the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence should be instilled in children through education. The main aim to start this initiation is to make the children learn to live together in peace and harmony; as it will contribute to the strengthen the international peace and cooperation.

The Declaration and Program of Action on a Culture of Peace Act - A/RES/53/243 was adopted in 1999 and set 8 areas of action for nations, organizations and individuals to embark on in order to promote a culture of peace to overcome and:

  • sustain economic and social development
  • respect for all human rights
  • make sure equality between women and men
  • advance democratic participation
  • move forward understanding, acceptance, and unity
  • support participatory communication and improve the free flow of information and knowledge sponsor international peace and security

However, the International Day of Friendship is also based on the appreciation of the relevance and importance of friendship as a noble and precious sentiment in the lives of human beings around the world.

We face many challenges in every aspect of our lives,  this type of initiation will always be there for the people to confront them from those challenges. But everyone should be active and help the organizations to understand the actual root causes of such challenges; so that they can be addressed properly and by promoting such initiatives you can help the people you find in trouble.

Defending a shared spirit of human harmony that takes many forms - while the simplest of form is friendship.

What Do People Do?

We see groups or individuals encouraging the governments, and organizations to hold events, activities, and initiatives to promote solidarity, mutual understandingand reconciliation.


In 2011, the United Nations proclaimed International Day of Friendship with the thought that friendship between peoples, groups, countries and cultures can motivate peace efforts and build bridges between communities. While the UN wanted for the day to involve young people, as future leaders to be part of such thought in community activities which include different cultures and promote international understanding and respect for diversity.