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How to Start a Neighborhood Book Club

Author: Best Brains Aug 03, 2016

How to Start a Neighborhood Book Club

Is your kid a book lover, a reluctant reader, or somewhere in between? Then a book club is just what they need! Book clubs are an engaging way to mix fun with learning! Are you wondering, “Where do I start?” These five simple steps below lay the framework for the perfect plan to jumpstart a neighborhood book club for your kids! 


1. Who should you invite? 

Since book clubs are ideal for the voracious reader and can build confidence in reluctant readers, they are wonderful for all types of readers. The key is to find the fun and share it with your kids. If the kids are having fun, they will love coming to the book club. Be sure to invite others that are of a similar reading level to your child. If the members span too large of a spectrum, you may lose the interest of some. Another point to keep in mind is to ensure the book club doesn’t get too large. If there are too many members, kids will not have as much opportunity for participation.  


2. What book should you read? 

With so many fantastic options out there, it may be hard to narrow it down to one choice. Choose a book that will interest your kids so that they are excited about the book club! Brightly is an excellent source for choosing the right book. Books are categorized by age and genre so that you can find the perfect fit for your reader. Brightly also lists several books that include free book club guides. These guides are an excellent source to use to form a great structure for the book club. They provide inciteful questions and many activities that will spark interest as the kids dive deeper into the book! This website is also an excellent source with a fabulously organized book list for kids. From picture books to chapter books, this list is topically organized so you are sure to find a book that will interest your kids. 


3. How frequently, How long, and Where? 

To determine how frequently you should meet, consult with other parents and your schedules. Find a time that is going to work for all members of the book club. It is key that the members have enough time to read the assigned portion, but not too much time to forget what has been read. 

In order not to lose the interest of your readers during a book club meeting, plan to keep the meetings to one hour. If the meeting becomes too long, kids will become distracted and lose focus.  

There are numerous options when it comes to deciding the ideal location for your book club. Members of the book club could take turns hosting in their homes. Other options include meeting at a public place such as a library or a park. With the advent of online meeting platforms, virtual book clubs are also an option!


4. Make it fun! 

The most crucial step in creating a successful book club that will endure is to make it fun! There are many ways to infuse a book club with excitement! Try some of the following suggestions to create an enjoyable atmosphere that will have your readers always anticipating the next meeting.  

  • Games: Playing book-themed games is a great way to add some fun to your meetings. This will help the book club to feel more like a fun time and less like a reading class.  

  • Snacks: Kids love snacks! Be creative in the snacks you choose and theme them around the book.  

  • Act it out: Acting out a portion of the book is a wonderful way for kids to delve into the plot of a book and discover a richer understanding.  



Send out the invites and have fun!