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Feed My Starving Children | Best Brains Volunteers

Author: Best Brains May 10, 2021

Best Brains' corporate staff recently participated in a Feed My Starving Children volunteer event in Schaumburg, Illinois by assembling and packaging much-needed food to be distributed to hungry children around the world.

"Feed My Starving Children provides an opportunity for us to bond as a team while we can contribute to the well-being of kids who need our help," explained Puja Chokshi, our Franchising Lead and coordinator of the event.

Feed My Starving Children is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987. Based in Minnesota, FMSC has several branches around the US. The goal of Feed My Starving Children is to combat world hunger by partnering with other non-profit organizations to provide balanced and nutritious meals called MannaPacks. Each MannaPacks is assembled by hand, combining dried vegetables, soy-based protein, rice, and a vitamin-rich flavoring powder together into a nutrient-dense and easy to prepare meal. Each MannaPack provides a meal for a family of 6 and is used by their partners to give out to families in need, to provide a healthy and tasty school lunch or however the aid organization sees fit.

Volunteers assemble MannaPacks by hand, observing strict sanitation guidelines. FMSC provides instructions on what to do, shares the impact volunteers have to combat world hunger and keeps a fun, competitive atmosphere during the packing session. Divided into teams, volunteers compete to see who can make the most MannaPacks in the allotted time while the staff plays upbeat music. Lots of organizations use FMSC volunteering sessions as a teambuilding event. Children are also allowed to participate, making it a popular and very thoughtful birthday party activity.

As we celebrate 10 years as a company, Vice President Hana Adas has prioritized finding opportunities to give back. "Best Brains has provided tens of thousands of kids with a quality education and there is so much more that we can do for kids not just here, but everywhere."

We are so proud to contribute to FMSC's mission to provide quality nutrition to kids around the world. Food insecurity is a major issue at home and abroad which impacts the quality of life of children who deserve to grow, learn and thrive.

For $88 you can feed a child in need for an entire year. Donate here to contribute.

Looking for artisan goods made locally to support their communities? Check out the FMSC MarketPlace!