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The Spirit of Christmas

Author: Best Brains Jan 11, 2016

Christmas Stars

Hurray! Make merry friends, it's Christmas time! Yes, it's time to store up on your stockings, clean your chimney, sing carols and anticipate the long list of goodies you want from Santa! Let me tell you, you will get all of it and much more. You've been a great kid all year long!

Well, since we're full of the Christmas spirit, let me ask you something. Do you know why we celebrate this day? Let's tell the Chirstmas story, which Christians hold as one of the most special stories of all! So, get yourself a cookie, sit back comfortably and enjoy this amazing tale of the significance of Christmas.

It was over 2,000 years ago that there lived a young Jewish woman named Mary, only a few years older than some of you children reading! She was engaged to Joseph, who was also Jewish, and a carpenter. One day, the Angel Gabriel appeared before her and said, "God has been very kind to you. You will become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a boy. You will call him Jesus." Mary was very afraid, but she obliged due to her unshakable faith in God. She replied, 'Let it happen as God chooses." When Mary told Joseph that she was pregnant before their wedding, Joseph could not understand how it could have happened. So the Angel Gabriel returned, this time to Joseph in his dreams and said, "Don't be afraid to have Mary as your wife. She will give birth to Jesus, just as she said.'" Joseph woke up, happy that he and Mary had been chosen by God, and the two were married.

During that time, Mary and Joseph lived in the Roman Empire. The Kingdom's emperor Augustus announced an official decree that whosoever are living in the Kingdom must pay taxes, and travel to their original homeland to be counted for the official census. So, Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem because that was Joseph's native city. When they arrived in the crowed city, they found it very difficult to find a place to stay. Finally, unable to find a proper shelter, the soon-to-be-parents had to settle for a stable. And that's where Mary gave birth to the baby Jesus! 

As Jesus came into this world, many more angels appeared, lighting up the sky. They were heard praising God and singing: 'Glory to God in the highest and peace to everyone on earth.’ Angels came down to the local shepherds and told them, "Don’t be afraid. A Savior is born to help you. He will be in the manger." The shepherds went to Bethlehem and found Mary and Joseph. Baby Jesus was lying in a manger as the angels had told them. When they saw him, they told everyone what the angel had said and everyone who heard the story was astonished.

The entire sky was lit up, and there was a star glowing with unmatched brilliance. A few very wise men saw it and were sure that it signified the birth of a very great king. They began to follow the star that led them to Mary and Joseph's stable. The very wise men bow down to Jesus' parents and presented Jesus with gifts, which they had brought along with them. The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 

So, my little friends, this is the story of Jesus, shared by Christians all over the world. As you see,  he was not born in a grand palace like an emperor. He was not born to very wealthy or learned parents. Baby Jesus was born in a simple lowly place, a corner of a stable. He was born to humble and poor parents, who had nothing to boast about, except their own spotless character, strong faith, and love for each other. His birth is symbolic of the idea that that the greatest of all individuals can come from the utmost simplicity and lack of grandeur. It is a comforting story for all Christians, told over and over again to their children. Over time, traditions like the Christmas tree, singing carols to neighbors, trading presents, giving to chartiy, and the jolly man known as Santa Claus also became part of the story, and helped make Chirstmas a holiday which anyone can celebrate, regardless of their faith. 

Here's wishing you Merry Christmas from the entire team of Best Brains.