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Best Brains Summer Camp is Serious Fun

Author: Best Brains May 12, 2023

A group of children standing outside wearing backpacks with their arms raised up and smiling

As we gear up for summer, it's time to plan some epic adventures for our kids! After a year of hard work and dedication, they deserve a chance to let loose and have some serious fun. While many parents are considering day camps, there's another option that combines both learning and excitement: Best Brains Summer Camp! Our camp is all about igniting the spark of curiosity in your child while they enjoy thrilling activities and make lifelong memories. It's the perfect blend of education and adventure to ensure your kids have the best summer ever!

What is Best Brains Summer Camp?

Our Summer Camp is a daytime program with morning, afternoon or all-day sessions running on weekdays. Campers are provided with a snack and enjoy a number of activities. All Summer Camps include regular Math and English instruction so that campers can attend class during the day instead of the evening. Abacus students also have their weekly classes during camp hours. Camp itinerary also includes an additional Best Brains program, such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing or Science Lab.

Depending on location, other activities include arts and crafts, life science, book club, outdoor activities, field trips, sports and more! Parents are provided with an activity guide so that they can keep track of the daily activities.

Who Qualifies for Best Brains Summer Camp?

Children in Kindergarten through 8th grade qualify for our Summer Camp program. New students are welcome to Summer Camp and it is often a great introduction to Best Brains and motivates them to continue their studies all year long. Current students also benefit since they attend their normal classes during the day and have their evenings and weekends free for unstructured activities and visiting with friends and family.

How are Summer Camps Staffed?

Since Math and English classes are taught during summer camp, our certified teachers are on hand to conduct daily teaching sessions and other activities. We also employ qualified educators and educators-in-training much like other city-organized day camps. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality education along with lots of fun!

How is this Program Priced?

We offer competitive pricing based on number of weeks, days of the week and hours per day that parents sign up for. Since pricing varies by location, we encourage parents to contact their local center for detailed information.