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5 New Tech Tools Used In Schools

Author: Best Brains Mar 22, 2018

VR Headgear

The classroom is a space that is constantly adapting and making changes to educate children to take part in the world around them. Technology plays a huge part in this as new inventions and innovations for old classics constantly change the world we know. Here are some of the newest and most popular technology additions to classrooms seen around the world.

SMART Boards

These are computer-connected white boards that use a projector and special pen sensors or markers. When these pens and markers are used to write on the boards, computer programs such AutoCAD and/or PowerPoint can remember what it is written and record it for future use. This enables teachers to save lesson plans and notes as they go so students can re-watch or have access to it later, even at home.

VR Headgear

This newer technology has not found itself as widely used but is catching on quickly. By experimenting with virtual or augmented realities students can enter three-dimensional spaces. Using Google Glass or Cardboard in combination with free apps and a smartphone, students can visit the plains of Africa, watch the surf roll in on the beaches of Normandy, or experience current events first hand.

Cloud Computing

Not all tech is hardware, for instance cloud computing is trend just taking off but one that could seriously benefit schools and students alike. This tool lets students and teachers send and share data among themselves. If a student has missed a day of class, they can simply download assignments and lessons. Then when they are finished with those assignments they can upload them for review and grading. Many compatible software tools also use analytics and metrics to measure school progress for each student, allowing grades and proficiency in a certain area to easily be obtained.


In recent years, these have become one of the most popular classroom tools. They are relatively low in cost, have many different hardware options, and employ simple web-based operating systems. This makes it easy for students to use on a daily basis for many education related activities. Teachers are also able to control what types of activities can be used and pre-programmed with educational apps. These devices have become increasingly popular in areas where students may have limited access to similar items or Internet at home.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

This technology provides online learning from some of the top universities for free. MOOCs allow students to take classes at a college level who were previously unable to. It also provides teachers with an unrivaled amount of free resources to both better their education and gain access to teaching tools. This type of technology even enables classrooms that are located hundreds of miles apart to connect with each other for educational activities, teaching diversity and cultural awareness.

With technology and innovations on the rise, and with no sign of slowing down, you should expect to see the use of some, if not all, of these newer tools in your students’ educational programs. These inventions can make learning more fun and interactive, as well as offer an endless amount of resources for teachers. For more ways to stay up to date with classroom practices and new technology click here.