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5 Easy Sack Lunches Kids Love

Author: Best Brains Feb 13, 2018

5 Easy Sack Lunches Kids Love

We know packing lunches for your kids every day can be a hassle at times. The struggle to find something healthy for them and also something they enjoy eating is real. And once you find something that fits both categories you run with it, sending it day after day until your child gets tired of it. We know, we have been there. So, for all you parents who have run into this issue before, here are few quick, easy, and healthy ideas to try out.

Deconstructed Sandwiches

These are super simple and fun for the child as well. Let them choose their favorite crackers, meat, and cheese. Make them up ahead of time, like the night before or simple send a few of each with them to make at lunch. Don’t forget to send a veggie or fruit as well. Grapes, carrots, celery, or apple slices are always good choices.


Some of the best healthy foods are made for dipping. Instead of sending a sandwich every day, change it up by sending items they can dip. The following are bound to be crowd pleasers:

  • Carrots and celery sticks pair well with a light ranch.
  • Try your child’s favorite fruits with some plain or fruit yogurt. Bananas, peaches, apples, and even grapes are good ones for this.
  • Baked chicken nibblers served with honey mustard or barbeque are quick and easy for a hot lunch.
  • Baked tortilla or pita chips are a fan favorite. Send them with a cup of tomato salsa, guacamole, or hummus.

Layered sandwiches

Make the sandwich a little more fun by layering it. Instead of just cutting it in half, stack them on top of one another. Kids will get a kick out of its height are more likely to think of it as a challenge. You can also make each layer a little different. Use different meats, cheeses, veggies, and condiments on each layer adding to the fun. Then skewer it with a toothpick or two and add a fruit, veggie, or pretzels.

Pizza wraps

Just about every kid loves pizza but eating them all the time is not very healthy. Pizza wraps changes this a bit. By combining tortilla shells or pita bread with mozzarella cheese, some pepperoni, and little marinara sauce, a child can eat their favorite go to meal more often without carbs and grease that is usually associated with this meal. Make it even more original by choosing a different kind of pizza.

Roll ups

These, like the deconstructed sandwiches, are fun for kids to do themselves. With their favorite cheese, meat, and veggies you can make their most enjoyed sandwiches a little more fun. You can choose to roll up in any order they want with or without certain items. Add a soft tortilla shell or pita bread for a little less mess or go without. The choices are endless.

With a few of these fun lunch ideas incorporated into your week, your child will soon be enjoying meals that are not only healthier for them then the all too common peanut butter and jelly sandwich but that they also enjoy. Find your favorites and make them your own.

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