My kids have been going to Best Brains for more than 2 years and they love it! They have attended both regular enrichment and Afterschool programs. The teachers are very good and the staff is friendly, caring and responsive. They are happy at the end of the day...on Fridays they don’t want to be picked early as they have movie and popcorn. They motivate the kids to do the best. I would certainly recommend this center to all parents who are looking for a good child care Afterschool/enrichment.

- Urvi Pikle

My daughter has been going to Best Brains for 2 years now and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to the dedicated team and incredible enrichment opportunities available at the learning center, my daughter is confident and excited to learn! She enjoys making new friends and all of the students she has interacted with since attending have been nothing but kind and respectful. I love that her learning environment is so diverse.

As many parents know, Math and Language Arts tend to be areas where kids can find difficulty and may tend to struggle throughout the years. I’m so happy that she is getting the added attention in these areas because it is absolutely paying off in the classroom. I am so pleased with the balanced agenda on a daily basis and am even more impressed with the summer curriculum. With my work schedule, it is great to be able to come home knowing that her homework is done in addition to the material she is expected to work on each day. I don’t have to rush to pick her up because their hours are more flexible than many other Afterschool/daycare options we have pursued in the past.

- Christina Teller

This is the best place i found so far for my son. I tried couple of other but was not satisfied with those. After finding Best Brains, i am more than happy. My son enjoys it and is always happy when we pick him up. Also he gets his homework done over there and also additional Math and English. It would not be fair to give less than 5 starts to this place. Teachers and Staff are so much helpful and takes time to listen to you and your thought about your kid's growth.

- Vishal Panjabi

Very friendly environment. It has helped my kid to develop curriculum skills. Management has been very helpful in answering all our questions patiently.

- Ankita Patel

My son started going to best brains since he was 5 and he loves it there. The teachers are so caring and the enrichment programs they offer was too good.

- Ramyakrishna Annapaneni

We had a very good experience with BB at S.Riding as my son enjoys learning and spending time at BB as the staff is very warm and knowledgeable.

- Shefali Kapoor

My Kids have shown a tremendous improvement academically after going to Best Brains. I highly recommend for parents who wants their kids with strong fundamentals for reading and writing. Preschool offered is one of best with quality care at reasonable price for kids in entire south Riding.

- SankariK Senthil

The Bestbrains program was instrumental and key in positioning my child for advance in studies. Teachers at Bestbrains are helpful and encouraging.

- Ramakrishna Vuppala

My children love the curriculum and always look forward to going there. Management has been very helpful in answering all our questions patiently. Teachers are very knowledgeable. Place is very clean. Great going BestBrains South Riding!!

- Sandy

Without doubt this place is awesome! Keep up your good work guys! Management is really friendly and always ready to help out! I would recommend this place without a doubt

- Shravya Krishna

Very friendly enviornment. The teachers of Best Brain are very patient with the children and take immense care in nurturing them.As a parent I appreciate the effort given by the teachers of Best Brain Thanking You

- Zarna Farkiwala

Everyone at Bestbrains Southriding has been so wonderful. They have taught my child that learning can be fun! My child was in an after-school program with the school, and came home with homework still to do when we wanted to use the short amount of time at home as family time. We enrolled our child in the after-school program at Bestbrains in January of 2017 and the difference is amazing! Our child now loves where he goes Afterschool, loves learning, and we can now use the precious time we have with him at night as family time. Thank you Bestbrains of South Riding!!! 5 stars, and 2 thumbs up! Keep up the great work!!!

- Sarah Mitchell McWhirter

Very friendly environment, right place for kids who develop their curriculum skills plus more..we as a parents very much satisfied with teaching methods and my child is learned a lot n still his showing same interest everyday! Thanks bestbrains for producing best btains!!

- Madhusudhana Rao

As a student of Best Brains for 3 years, I think this learning center is awesome! The curriculum sweeps by kind of fast (every book you learn something new for almost 1/2 of the level) so it is a little hard to keep up with everything and remember everything. Not that i personally love challenges, but these books are filled with challenges so kids can train their brains for the future. as a child that is more than 10 years old, the books can be a bit challenging to learn at first because the curriculum can be a little advanced but tbh, it really helps the kids in the future grades and schools. The teaching methods are pretty good. There are very patient teachers who clearly teach other children, it is nice to sit at a table with your teacher with a group of kids and get assistance with your books. The Teachers teach pretty well, they teach the kids clearly and have a lot of patience when teaching these kids. Even though it can be confusing and hard to keep up with books sometimes, definetley put your kids here. They will learn a lot and gain a lot of knowledge with the kind staff. The real question is does it live up to its name? Yes, Yes it does :)

- Anargya Ramamoorthy

My daughter loves this place ! She goes to Best Brains South Riding for after care. Her teacher helps her complete her homework for the day and further provides additional Math and English exercises everyday. I noted a definite improvement in my daughter's performance in school. I would definitely recommend this place for after care.

- Narayanan Ramanathan

Good franchise of early education

- Kiran Gunnam