Highly recommend this place! They provide great value for the small group tutoring sessions they offer.

My son was really behind on his reading and English skills while attending a public elementary school. Unfortunately, his teacher could not provide more individual assistance due to a variety of factors (too many students, constant disruptions from troubled students, etc.). I also tried tutoring him at home with a variety of workbooks, but we both ended up frustrated with nothing gained. I also considered private school, but felt my son really needed someone to work one-on-one with him, plus private schools can be very costly in the Bay Area.

I signed my son up for 1-hour class for Math and 1-hour class for English per week as they were having a promotion at the time. You can always schedule a makeup session in case your child will have to miss their class. Kent, the center director, did a great job of explaining how they work with the kids. The instructors are actual teachers, so they have plenty of experience working with kids. Groups are no more than 5 kids to each instructor, which allows them to offer individual attention to each kid. My son likes being able to quickly ask a question when he has trouble figuring something out. In school, he'd have questions, but by the time the teacher would get to him he'd forget what he wanted to ask. The assessment test took a lot longer than I expected, but it's worthwhile so that they can determine which level of each subject the child has to be in.

Every week my son has to complete a booklet (about 7 chapters per book, 7 pages, 1-5 questions per page). Each booklet is about the size of a small notebook. It takes him no more than 5 mins to do each page, so about 30 mins per chapter. Each week the teacher reviews the booklet material with each kid, looks for areas they need to work on, and develops those areas during the session. Kids are given breaks throughout the session, which my son likes because it gives him a breather and helps him absorb the material better. Each booklet is designed to really focus on one topic and the exercises within the booklet reinforce that topic in a variety of ways. This gives the children the confidence to complete the rest of the booklet after the session. Children are rewarded with Brain Bucks for completing each booklet which they can then spend to buy various items in the rewards closet. At the end of each level of books they get a test, and if a student is still struggling the instructors work with the child to bridge the gap.

Even with this shelter-in-place order, Kent was on top of things. Shortly after the shelter-in-place was issued he got distance learning set up via Zoom meetings and gave parents time to pick up the booklets.

They also do fun little parties from time to time with games that help encourage kids to learn and earn Best Brain bucks. Hopefully, when things go back to normal I hope those will continue.

My son is now ahead of most of the kids in his class. And for a small fraction of the price of private school, he actually enjoys going to Best Brains each week.

- Maria M.

My son started going to Best Brains a couple of months ago. He is a Kindergartner. I am very impressed with the program director, Mr. Tse. He takes extra effort to make everything perfect. I also like the fact that he did his best to accommodate parents' needs. I love the programs and the process. For the first couple of weeks, I needed to help my son with his homework. After attending for a few more weeks, he could manage to do his homework and no longer needed help. My son loves being there, and I'm glad we chose Best Brains. We enjoyed the holiday celebration; Mr. Tse is also a great party planner. Keep up the great work!

- Phillip T.

Thanks to Best Brains, my kids are no longer frustrated in doing their schoolwork. My son was having a hard time with his 5th-grade math until he started going here. After a couple of sessions with his teacher, his confidence in doing math has grown, and it shows. He has scored high on his school's math test.

Staff are supportive, communicative, and engaged. If you have any questions regarding their assignments or simply need any help with a question, you can contact them through WhatsApp, and they respond to it right away. Also, they provide up-to-date progress reports, so you know what is going on with your child's progress. I've already referred one family to them. and they are happy with their child's progress.

I highly recommend them!

- Sheree R

Best Brains had been my best decision for my son as my son has learned a lot, and it has boosted his confidence. He is doing Abacus and Math class. It has helped him in school, and he has a better understanding of math. After joining Best Brains. Thank you for all your support which you provided for my son

- Fatema A.

Mr. Tse is very committed to his students' progress and takes extra care to ensure that parents are engaged in the learning process. My child has benefited a lot from going to Best Brains Berryessa campus for the past 3 years now. The campus also offers a lot of fun activities making it a place that kids look forward to going to every week :) I will highly recommend this place - especially for Mr. Tse!

- Sakina M.

My daughter loves coming here. Tutors spend extra time to make sure she understands the concept. The merit system of giving pseudo "cash" for reward in her effort really works well and she enjoys learning at the same time.

- Joseph V

My son has been here for two months and I have seen improvement in his school work, and better attitude towards learning.

- Angel S

This learning center is amazing and the director is very patient and friendly. The teachers and staffs always spend extra time and extra efforts to help with students.

- Alex W

Highly recommend!! Mr Kent is very cooperative.

- Shivi Agarwal

Very impressive. Ken and Ms Bacon took extra time to fully explain my daughter situation to me, and took very good care of her. My daughter spend a summer over there, fun and also educational. And her Math and English improved quite a lot. She even finish a car engineering project built a car which can run pretty smoothly. Will do again next summer.

- Eric C

My girls were there for a few weeks of summer camp, they had a blast! The camp program was well balanced, good amount of time for academics as well as fun activities eg building a car with recycled materials; field trips to Intel Museum.

- Ada K