Kids love it, and we love it for our kids. Win/win. So glad we joined.

- Mhammad

They genuinely care about education.

- Jacqueline Figueroa

My husband and I decided to keep our kiddos home during the pandemic. Doing well, straight As. However finishing work early, and gets bored. Excited to have a BB here to help strengthen her skills.

- N B

My daughter struggles reading and is in an IEP with her school. I decided to enroll her in the program to get her that extra help. She has been doing the program for 4 months with little breaks in between but let me tell you it has given her that extra boost in confidence in reading, her grades have improved, and she is just taking off! The workbooks keep her engaged in the material and helps tremendously with phonics. The staff has been very good at making sure she is at the level she needs to be and provides feedback on her progress. I would highly recommend!

- Amber Beasley