Great learning center to send our kids to learn maths and Abacus. They have a very good material to practice. And they are very prompt and proactive in answering all our questions and requests. Every week we get a report of our kid’s progress. My Daughter is attending the online classes since few months. I clearly can see the progress in her while solving the word problems and additions / subtractions etc.. She also likes to solve the problems using abacus.

- Tanusri Venkatesh

My son is going to best brains for more than a year now. The management is very friendly and will answer any questions we have. The curriculum is really nice and helps the kid grow gradually with strong basics.

- Jyothsna Kurapati

We have been sending our kid to Plano Northwest Best Brains from last two years and we see a systematic progressive growth here due to their structured teaching and work books. Also, management is very flexible and supportive in arranging any coverup classes.

- P S

My both kids have been going for more than a year.The curriculum is really good.The management is very approachable if we have any questions.They really take care of kids on what they learn.Thank you Best brains Plano Northwest!!

- Srini r

Would highly recommend this best brains center. I have seen lot of improvement in my kids Maths and English subject. The staff and instructors are very cooperative and are always ready to take special attention on any doubts clarification or topics.

- Santosh Adupa

My 4 year old kid has been in Best Brains Plano Northwest more than 6 months and within this period we saw lot of progress in his Math and english skills. As the materials are well structured and designed in playful way my kid shows interest to do the homework daily which is the most important factor for me. I would thankful to Anitha who is very helpful and listen to parents. I will definitely recommend Best Brains.

- Jaanu Madhu

Best brains has been a tremendous resource for my daughter.I recommend it to anyone who needs help with K-12 learning, online classes are helping my daughter to cope up very well and they are also offering in personal classes with all the precautions .Thanks to all at Best brains!

- Haveesha Nidamarthi

very good education center for kids.

- Shiva Kandukuri

I am very much pleased to have my kid to best brains Plano Northwest. Ram and his staff are very much determined at teaching and mentoring. Great Job BB Plano Northwest team!!

- Srinivas Peddi

Professional, good curriculum, truly interested in Students progress.

- Chetan Tare

I am from Chennai, India and Living in Plano Northwest, Texas for Past 4 Years. We were searching for good Math, English and GK tuition for my child. We came to Know that best brain is conducting all in one. We joined our Kid from January 2015. Within three months there is drastic change in her ability to do math very fast, reading and writing. Curriculum is really great. My child become very interesting to do Math and eager to go Best Brain classes on Weekends. I highly recommend this the BEST place, try it, you will realize the BEST BRAIN in your child.

- Easwara Moorthy

My 4 year old kid has been in Best Brains Plano Northwest more than 6 months and within this period we saw lot of progress in his Math and english skills. As the materials are well structured and designed in playful way my kid shows interest to do the homework daily which is the most important factor for me. I would thankful to Anitha who is very helpful and listen to parents. I will definitely recommend Best Brains.

- Madhu Chebrolu

My son is going to Best brains center for STAAR preparation.. I have seen improvement in both math and reading.. I highly recommend this location.. Great job by the management and staff.

- Sowjanya Sreepada

My child is in kindergarten and is learning a lot! They are teaching him well, and adjusted to the pandemic quickly.

- Shraddha Rao

My daughter started Best brains in 2015. In two yrs she has gone from needing intervention in school to the PACE program in Plano Northwest ISD. I am very happy with the services provided here. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. I would highly recommend this place.

- Anubha Paladugu

My Daughter is going to Best Brains Plano Northwest past 1 month and I can see lot of improvement in Maths and English. Thanks for all the support Best Brain Plano Northwest.

- Guru Prasad

The quality of education that is provided at Best Brains is really best. We have been sending our kid to Plano Northwest Best Brains from last 18 months and we are seeing great progress due to their well planned teaching and work books. Thank you Best Brains!!!

- Gopinadh Kolla

Best Brains Plano northwest teachers are very professional and give individual attention to all the kids and are able to maintain the same standard even with their online classes. My daughter is enrolled with them for close to 1 year and it has helped her advance in math and language arts. She enjoys learning abacus.

- Swapna Cheruku

Best Brains Plano Northwest is one of the best places to learn from! The entire management is really amazing in ensuring all the kids acquire the best knowledge- tailored for them! This particular place has been exceptional in advancing English & Math knowledge in kids who go there as well. Additionally, all the teachers are very knowledgeable and everyone who works there are very kind and friendly!

- Amulya Saridey

My kid is doing good after sending to Northwest Best Brains. They take individual care, update and discuss the progress of the kid.

- Ramani Yalla

Really best learning center. Initially, my daughter says maths is boring, tough and not interesting subject. Within 2 weeks after joining, I saw lot of improvement and now she is not complaining anything and keep working on her homework. They have best staff to teach the kids.

- Lokesh Reddy

My daughter has been in Best Brains for a year now and I have seen a big improvement and confidence in her Math and reading skills. They focus on each student's needs. I gave Mr. Putta the areas of growth for my daughter so she can cbe the next level of Math, it really helped her during summer. I appreciate all the hard work so our children can succeed. Thank you.

- Mine Belkoura

Very good place for the kids. The homeworks make the kids to improve their motor skills. Best brains bill is a fun asset to the kids.

- Senthilkumar Soma

It is very good learning center.My both kids are very excited to finish their 4 books.we are very happy with online classes also.

- Madhu Latha Chittari

Excellent tutoring center who help children advance in their English and Math skills. Their shift to online classes has been smooth and well-planned, and ensures every child still receives the attention and help they need.

- Samaha U

I highly recommend Best Brains - it allows children to gain knowledge as they learn new concepts each week and practice developing necessary skills. The Math and English classes cover an array of topics to ensure mastery of fundamental concepts, which form a strong foundation from which they can reach academic success. Also, the online classes are just as effective as the in-person classes!

- Farnoosh Moghadassi

My son have improved so much since he joined best brains. I am very impressed with the quality of work and they give personal attention to each kid.

- Charul Agrawal

My daughter has been going to Best Brains for past two years and i can see lot of changes in her with respect to Math and English , she is able to work on it with good speed. The syllabus followed here has good standard. Thanks to the Management and the Teachers for their effort in molding these children.

- Mary Magdalene

Excellent experience. Seen noticable improvement in test scores in Math & reading after I started sending my kid here. I like the friendly management as well.

- Test TesZee

Best Brains is an amazing place to allow for your child to increase their knowledge of the concepts in Math and Language Arts! It's also a really good place if your child is a little bit behind in their grade level work, Best Brains will help them catch up.

- Roquel Hendrix

My kids are going to best brains from the last 3 years. They improved a lot in both math and reading. I recommend best brains.

- Jyothi Jammula

My kids love Best Brains and they improved a lot after joining here. The staff and owners are very courteous. My kids like the way the teachers and the Best Brains methodology challenges them. My daughter got in GT after joining here and her STAAR scores came in top. ABACUS helped in solving complicated questions quickly. Overall great place for kids development

- Varghese George

Very good teaching staff!! My son improved a lot after joining best brains. Must have for kids.

- Pradip Landge

Best Brains worked will for my daughter. My daughter joined Dec'2014 and finished her level 1 in Math. Excellent curriculum and one-one teaching style. Checking weekly home works and follow up.I highly recommend Best Brian for every kid.

- Mahesh Manchala

My daughter has been going to "Best brains" from 2months for maths and 2months only I see lots of improvement in my daughter's performance perticularly in math.I like the curriculum for both math and English..the staff is good and helping..they regularly check the homework ..I highly recommend the "Best brains"

- Archana Lahoti

My daughter is going to Best Brains Plano Northwest more than an year, I believe joining her at Best Brains was a significant turning point for her improvement.As soon as she completed first 3 months I saw lot improvement in Mathematics and English. Specially I am impressed with her improvement in English, (Grammar and Spellings).She also got masters in STAAR. Thank you much to the management and staff of best brains Plano Northwest who are helping in kids development.

- Sumedha Vishwamitrula

I used to work as a grader at Best Brains, and it was such a fun experience! The people there are really nice and understanding, and it was wonderful to see improvements in children!

- Mrudula Movva

I highly recommend this place for kids, Anitha is very understanding and helpful for any reschedules.

- Coconuts

we had great son improved a lot after going there.Excellent curriculum.I highly recommend Best brains.

- Bhargavi Dangeti

My kid has improved alot in math and english, I recommend here.

- Ravi Kiran Kanala

We had great experience . our kid is going almost a year now, books helped her a lot , got nice service too ...surly recommend for kids who need help in subjects.

- Reema Chakkarwar-Yerawar

After attending best brains my kids maths skills increased.

- Johnson Thangaswami