My daughter attended here for the STAAR reading prep course.  She took 3 STAAR tests this year and while she did great on all of them, her Reading STAAR was the only one she got a 100%.  I really believe that the Best Brains course helped get her ready and helped her achieve the highest score.  The course was very organized and they gave an understanding of why one answer choice is better than others.  My son goes to Best Brains as well and although he has challenges, we have seen him gain so much, especially in English.  Please do not hesitate to use this learning center for your child, you will definitely see an increase in your child's skills.

- Sid Muthaiyan

My son was able to test a grade up,  but the math was 2 grade levels higher. Best Brains was able to help him bridge the gap and help him get an A. Mrs. Nipa Joshi really cares about her students and she wants to help them be the best they can be. We are very thankful and grateful for Best Brains.

- Jennifer Saavedra LaHue

We have had such great experiences with Best Brains. Two of my daughters attend.  I have seen huge improvements in their academic performance. The oldest was advanced before putting her in Best Brains over the summer. I wanted her to be in it so she wouldn't get behind over the summer break, it kept her mind sharp over the summer, and she gained new knowledge before the school year. I had her in English, Math, and Abacus at the same time. The Abacus really helped her to understand math better. It also helped her to think quickly.

I wanted my middle child in it so she could be ready for kindergarten. For just a few months of being in the English program at Best Brains, her handwriting improved, and she went from not knowing all of the sounds each letter in the alphabet makes to learning how to read. With everything she learned that quick, for just being in this class 30 minutes a week in person, along with the homework, you would think she was going to some full-time private school all day every day. She is not, though. The way they teach and the way the homework is set up is fun, and challenging, and sets them up for success.

Mrs. Nipa, the owner, Ms. G, along with all of the teachers, are compassionate, motivating, and accommodating individuals who actually want to see the children succeed. It is such a nurturing environment and I have seen how the kids flock to Ms Nipa and Ms. G before and after classes. They are like parental figures the kids can trust. In addition, they have a whole range of classes and programs to choose from besides English and Math, such as  Speech Class, STAAR test prep, summer camps, etc. They have classes and one-on-one tutoring.  They also align their curriculum with the school district.

- Veronica Mallery

My son goes here for a math class. I’m very happy with the course structure and the material he gets to practice. Nipa is very accommodating and prompt in response. Highly recommend if anyone is looking for extra help with school

- Shalini Nareddy

Nipa accommodated my third grader for STAAR Prep. She personally went over practice test results with my child, helped her see issues, and provided strategies to fix them. My kid loves her and the teachers are very good at giving a boost to confidence. My kid was in the 100 percentile at the Master’s level in the STAAR test. Thanks, Best Brains team.

- Parul Soni Sukriti

Ms. Nipa and team, I wanted to share the fruit of your labor.  Our 6-year-old son ended kindergarten needing help with writing. He attended your summer camp in 2023, and he is your spokesperson for all who ask what he did in summer camp. He says he learned creative writing, comics, and public speaking. In his after-school program, he has been making storybooks about dinosaurs almost every day. We just want to thank you for all you have done for Otávio and for inspiring him to be an author and especially, to be more comfortable with writing and drawing. Thank you for caring for Otávio as one of your own.

- Irene Carrillo

We had our older daughter go to Best Brains when she was in Grades 3 & 4. It definitely helped her a lot in Math and she was able to be ahead of her school curriculum.

Ms. Nipa Joshi needs to be acknowledged for the amount of care she puts into running the learning center. She's always reachable and if she can't answer a call, she always calls back. We've always been kept updated on our daughter's progress.

The teachers conduct the classes well and help out when children have trouble understanding concepts.

I highly recommend this location mainly due to the fact that Nipa is excellent at what she does, friendly, and very accommodating

- Stephen James

Our 7 year old is going to Best Brains for the past one year and we see so much of improvement in her understanding of reading and math. The Best Brains syllabus is interesting, more visual and better at getting the kids engaged with comparison to other similar math and science training programs. At this particular location, we love the fact that the site owner is directly involved and has build a good rapport with all the kids. She is in the facility most of the days and engaged in day to day operations. Kudos for the owners for doing the research and identify this as a good location.

- Nagappan Muthiah

I absolutely love this program for my seven year old son. He's been attending Best Brains a little over a year and a half. This program helps him to break down math, reading, English and writing concepts & to learn them in advance. Before concepts are introduced at school, he's already familiar. Plus, the teachers are great and the director is awesome! With our day to day "crazy" schedule at times, they are also flexible about rescheduling...whether it's a conflict with a school date or sports related. Working with your child is their first priority, the reason I highly recommend Pearland Best Brains!

- Matrice Wright Henry

My 11 year old daughter has been going to Best Brains, Pearland location for quite some time now. She absolutely loves going there. The program is very well organized. The staff is amazing and the director is always available to provide feedback and advice about our daughter's progress. We have also seen excellent improvement with our daughter 's grades. We highly recommend this program to anyone with school age children who is thinking of sending their children for additional learning/tutoring. Kudos to the amazing staff, we are very thankful for everything you are doing!

- Tseday Yehualashet

Both my kids have been going to Best Brain from past one year and they absolutely love it. I've sent my older kid to Sylvan to bring her grades up in reading as she needed extra help but it was a big waste of time and money. They always sent me a piece of paper showing her progress but when I wanted to see the work they never showed it and gave up excuses like she is working on her Ipad or she mastered the stuff so we remove her work etc etc. I found more economical plan which fits my budget in best brain using “Homework support” to give her extra help by revising the stuff she learnt during the class to master those concepts later with her bestbrain teacher as well she is on their regular Best brain curriculum to put her ahead in learning advance stuff..

- Shravanthi Thirunagari

Awesome! My sons are in first grade and pre kindergarten. They both attend and have learned so many study skills. The administrators really care about the kids and it has reinforced a lot of what we are trying to teach them at home

- Diane Sweezer-Davis

This is a great establishment for kids to learn concepts in Math, English, and Abacus. I really feel its different from other center based learning because the exercises/homeworks are not repetitive based. They teach a concept with lots of different exercises so the kids do not get bored. My 6 year old daughter can do lots of mental math because of the abacus class which she has been going for one year now. The owner is very accommodating as well and makes sure everyone is satisfied. I've had nothing but a great experience there. Try it out and I'm sure you would not regret it!

- Kokila Katyal

My 5 and 7 year olds have been attending the abacus camp this week and they love it. They are having fun while learning. They don't want camp to end and have asked to keep going back during the school year.

- Caroline Rees Serna

My kids have been going for a year this May. It's definitely beneficial. It does take dedication and consistency with the homework at home, but I'm seeing growth. I also love how their staff are certified teachers! I highly recommend.

- Ifeoma Ubasineke-Meremikwu

My kids have benefitted tremendously from Best Brains. The math and english instructions have helped them excel at school work. Abacus lessons have given them an intuitive sense of numbers that is difficult to achieve via other methods. Would definitely recommend.

- Priyanka Shah

Agree with all, my son never liked writing/comprehensions, after going to best brains, i see that he is getting comfortable with writing more and more. Thanks dear Nipa!!

- Devi Sagar

We love this place . The materials are very useful. My 4 yo has picked up reading really fast after using these materials.

- Lavanya Saikumar

My 3 children LOVE Best Brains! We are so incredibly happy with the staff and the results. This place is a godsend.

- Mona Simmons

Excellent teachers who keep the kids motivated with a stimulating syllabus!

- Madhu Rupasinghe

My child Amulya Likes attending best brains , she improved her Math and English skills , enjoy's doing Abacus , our rating is excellent for this center.

- Subha

I have 2 sons currently enrolled in this facility (3 & 7 y/o) i like the curriculum very informative and similar to my son activities in school, teachers and owner are friendly, accessible to the place we live and thier tuition fees are affordable.

- M. Nicolas

Best Brains Pearland has experienced & excellent teachers!

- Anh Le

My son loves it (Abacus class) as he describes it as a cool way to learn math and equations.

- Aasha Bollam