I should write the review for Best Brain in Milpitas long time ago. All of my 3 kids attending there on the 1st day Best Brain opened, which more than 1 year. We are very impressed with the quality of teacher and material provided at this center. The kids improved tremendously and we are very proud of their acchievements.Thank you Ms Sylvia and all the teachers for amazing works.

- TiTi Le

If you have reached this page, you are curious about Best Brains and checking Facebook for any information available on internet. My 6 years old has been going to Best Brains since July 2016 and so far I am satisfied with results. They offer English, Math, Abacus and other classes few days a week. The owner(Sylvia) is a friendly lady always willing to offer answers and help coming up with a plan to set your kid for success. I have seen the same teachers with my kid for a while, meaning he doesn't have to adjust based on new teachers. Fees is reasonable based on other places I have seen in Bay Area. Its very closed to India Bazaar, you can do grocery shopping while you kid is gaining skills. Parking can be challenging sometimes but its available most of the times. I have seen improvement in my kid in last 6 months and I hope he will continue improving at same or greater pace.

- PK Jajara

If there is a chance to give more than 100% rating for me, i will give 500% to the best brains milpitas as my son shaped well after joining in this school by learning english, maths which has improved his daily thinking power, naughty ness (activeness) and understanding the things, inpretreting the things et al by their way of teaching and motiving him. He has improved a lot by doing their weekly home work activities. I hightly recomment your kids to join in this school to see the difference in your kids.

- Srinivas Yadam

This is a very nice center. The teachers are very friendly and cooperative. My son has been going to this facility since a year for English and Maths. They understand the nature of the child and work with them . They create a positive environment for learning.

- Shivani Chitta

Excellent Enrichment program for kids. Motivates your child to learn and love Math.

- Vase Tg