I visited a few different centers before enrolling my kids here. I absolutely liked this facility as soon as I entered, clean !! I have 2 kids 5 yr and 10 yr. teachers are hard-working and pay attention to each kid. Mrs. Padma is awesome and listens to parents' feedback and addresses them immediately. I am seeing tremendous improvement in my kids. highly recommend

- Chetna Saini

My daughter Isha Mahesh is really doing good.

- Mahesh Anand

My daughter loves it. They brought her up to speed in math. The director is very knowledgeable and the teachers great.

- Stella Walson

Great place for Kids' nourishment! Dr. Padma Jasti and her team are so passionate about kids' educational excellence. Abacus teacher, Mrs. Madhu is a great asset for the institution. My son thoroughly enjoys learning here

- venkat kolluru

My daughter and son are taking Math, and English at this Center. They really love it. Its outstanding curriculum (along with a friendly Director, Teachers, and other Staff) makes it simply the BEST learning place in McKinney and its surroundings.

- Tadesse Kebede

Best Brains at Mckinney is one of the best enrichment program in town. We tried various programs including Kumon, Aloha and by far we are very impressed with Best brains. They offer an excellent non repetitive, fun curriculum which really helped to engage my child. We also love Mrs.Padma and her staff. Her kindness and care for her students shines from her little acts like calling each and every students and family with their names....Thank you Mrs.Padma for truly caring and loving our kids just like your own family and investing so much into their education. Also I have to mention about Mrs.Madhu and Mrs.Riggs. We are so proud how much our daughter achieved within one year with the help of these amazing teachers! I would definetely recommend Best brain Mckinney to everyone who is looking for a great enrichment program for their kids!

- (Hally)

My son is going here for the last two years and we are really happy. He scored high on this 3rd grade STAAR test as well and I am sure the program really helped him with that. Fortunate to have a Center director like this who would know each student and always be open to discuss with parents the progress and any intervention required. Teachers are well experienced.

- Venkat

Best Brains Mc Kinney was one among few who was very quick to adapt to the new normal during COVID-19. Great curriculum and amazing customer care. Mrs. Padma is very accommodating and responds diligently to any feedback. Highly recommend!!

- Rajya Dandamoodi

Thank you Mrs. Padma and staff. Both my daughters went to BB and benefited a lot. Touch and go teaching style of ISD was not sufficient for my kids. BB's quality of curriculum, teaching, home work, progress report, etc. are definitely worth it. Mrs Padma was always there at center giving personal attn, feedback and make adjustments for your specific needs. Keep up the good work and passions. I highly recommend Best Brains for anyone.

- Rob R

My daughter joined Best Brains when she was below level in class, and now she is on-level. I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Padma and her teachers for their support and encouragement.

- Meenakshi Singh

Both my kids have been going to Best Brain for some time. Their program is the best and close to the school curriculum. This supplemental education is helping my kids to follow a schedule and study every day. Very happy with my kid's progress. Center Director Ms. Padma is a very caring person and always ready to address parents' concerns. She gives special attention to every student and knows everyone by their name. I definitely recommend this Best Brains center!

- Sowjanya Katpalli

My Kid is going to best brains for a few months now and I really see good improvements in his subjects. He is performing well at school as well.

- Jerry Tedy

We have been working with Best Brains McKinney for over a year and have been very impressed with the quality of their offerings. In particular, we have liked the richness of the curriculum and the structure of their program. Our kids have been challenged with the rigor but we have seen significant improvement in their thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. English and Math were both important to us and we used both - the quality was very consistent across the subjects. The guidance from Best Brains was critical as both my kids successfully passed their kindergarten acceleration tests. A big shout out to Ms. Padma who has been always available to answer our questions and has repeatedly shown her dedication, passion, and commitment to the success of our children. Thank you!

- Niladri Sannigrahi

My boys love going to Best Brains each week. The class is exactly 30 minutes and we have 7 pages of math homework each night which is manageable. Like the staff and my boys are getting stronger in math.

- LaTonya Lowry

My daughter attending 6th grade in charter school, is showing great improvement in math and she is most confident in this subject as compared to other subjects from her 6th grade curriculum. Thank you to Best Brains McKinney branch and appreciate Dr. Padmas' contribution towards it.

- D NB

My daughter goes here for Maths and English. Excellent curriculum and great teachers.

- Kirankumar Pasuparthi

My nephew has been attending Best Brain for the past 5 years. He looks forward for the classes every week. He is able to connect with the teachers and receives help from them in areas that he needs. Practice makes perfect is the motto, and we have experienced it with our nephew.

- Kalaiselvi Natarajan

My daughter is a special needs kid (1st grade) and she has been going to the English class for last 5 months at best brains McKinney. It's been awesome experience for my kid as the teachers are extremely supportive in all aspects and will do there best to make sure the kids get the concept. I really want to thank Padma madam for trusting in my daughter and giving opportunity by accepting her for tutoring class. My daughter has improved so well that now she is able to read the book continuously and also received award from school. Thanks to all fantastic teachers at best brains McKinney.

- Shiva Kumar

Amazing Teachers, Admin staff and curriculum. Our children have learnt so much the past 4 months, and thriving in this wonderful and nurturing environment. Thank you Mrs. Padma and the team at McKinney Best Brains.

- Ram Prabhakaran

My boys have been attending for over a year and LOVE it! They enjoy all of the teachers, especially their own which includes Ms. Darin! They enjoy the one-on-one introduction of the concepts they are learning so they don’t get confused and the encouragement they get from the teachers. My sons’ have made a drastic improvement at school since attending Best Brains! My youngest has made a drastic jump in math especially. They look forward to class each week. I am so glad I enrolled my children here with Ms. Padma. She cares so much about every individual students learning and progress.

- Alana Peters

Both our children went to Best Brains on Custer and Stonebridge. Teachers in the center and the management are knowledgeable about the subjects. Our children really grew well outside the school, Especially Ms. Padma pays attention to every child in the center. She was always available when needed to answer questions. Over all center is great and I highly recommend.

- Rathi Mani