Just wanted to say how pleased we are that we chose Best Brains of Flower Mound for our daughter Kynaa. She is an intelligent child but disliked math. Ms Nikki was just what we were looking for!!

She has been great at changing Kynaa's attitude about math! Kynaa now loves her weekly sessions with Ms Nikki and has even started completing her work books a day in advance of the next session.

Ms Nikki has been very supportive and even does check-inâ??s during the week to see how Kynaa is keeping up with her work. She just sent Kynaa a coloring book in the mail as a reward for doing her work!! Kynaa was blown away!

Thank you so much BB and Ms Nikki for all that you are doing to help us and other families like us!! We LOVE you!

- Bindiya Mehandru

I am very impressed with the way Mrs Nikki took the class y'day and I did notice Shoumik felt very comfortable and was able to complete his task without any issue and I really liked it and very happy that Shoumik is in good hands.

Thank you very much Nikki for being Shoumik's teacher.

- Santosh Katakam

Best Brains has given my daughters a better sense of discipline and an edge over their respective subject, I am highly satisfied with their study material which is right on dot. Teachers at Best Brains are well trained as per district guidelines, who know their job extremly well and at the same time are very accomodating & understanding of our individual needs.

We see a long association with Best Brains for our daughters academic enhancement.

- Bhavana Singh

Best Brains, Flower Mound is the best thing that happened to our kids. The learning materials are outstanding and the teaching methods are exemplary. We love the meticulous and small steps approach in building the foundational skills, be it language, mathematics or others. Best Brains lays a good foundation of basics. Thank you for all your efforts, especially Ms. Therese who has great teaching skills and is well versed with the teaching methods

- Naveen Dronavalli

This is an excellent establishment that really works with the me as a parent to enrich and augment my children's learning! I am really impressed with the level of communication and continuous feedback as well as the partnership to help the kids excel!

- Aruna Akundi

I love this place its a fantastic tutoring center. Tahzeeb and the entire staff are excellent and committed to helping children grow their Math, English, and Abacus skills using kindness and attention. I was amazed by how quickly and seamlessly they transitioned from in-person to online learning due to unforeseen COVID pandemic. Great job!!!Ms.Tahzeeb always ensures that both parents and kids have a great experience and always ready to go the extra mile with a smile. I highly recommend this center.

Thanks Best Brains of Flower Mound

- Manish Worlikar

"Center is managed very well and teachers are wonderful!. The curriculum is nicely planned and helps kids to stay focused with daily work.My daughter has been a student at Flower mound center for the last 4 years and we look forward to continue :) "

- Mythili Punya