My son is taking English and Math classes, and the classes are designed specifically for the kid based on their knowledge level and performance, each week the homework is given and it is designed systematically and time-bound. There has been a routine to our learning process. Alka, the coordinator is phenomenal, she is very professional and takes care of all our needs. The teachers are also very professional. Overall our experience with Best Brains Clarksburg has been excellent.

- Sibil Sidharthan

All 3 of our kids have been to Best Brains Clarksburg. It is run by a staff of hardworking professionals who are clearly motivated to see children succeed. Ms. Alka is loved by all the kids and Ms. J is simply the best instructor we could ask for. They are patient and kind, yet firm and disciplined! All 3 of my kids listen to them much better than they listen to me. I cannot say enough how great this center is.

- Sarah Belonia

I'm speaking on behalf of a family with two small children ages 6 & 7. Our Kids are in kindergarten and 1st grade and, presently go to Best Brains in Clarksburg, Maryland, and have been going for 5 months. This has been a life-changing experience for our children!
We recently applied to a Christian academy school and after reviewing the scores of their entrance tests with the school principal we discovered that each child is either demonstrating comprehension and capability to do reading and/or completing math problems at least two grades above the grade they're currently in.  We are so grateful to God for making this opportunity available by coming to Best Brains to sharpen and strengthen our children's aptitude! Thank you Best Brains for contributing to our children's success!  What more can I say-- well Mrs. Alca has faithfully demonstrated professionalism, and wonderful customer service and is very friendly with our children.  Amazing! I definitely recommend giving this a trial period if I was a parent reading this. God bless everyone!

- Andre Tomlinson

My 10 year old daughter has been going to Best Brains, Clarksburg location for more than a year now. She absolutely loves going there. The center is very well organized. This place is great for additional learning. I also love abacus program as it helps her learn math without relying on calculator. It helps her remember and be able to quickly do the math in her head. In short, this is very good learning center for kids to challenge outside of school curriculum. It is a great place for learning and practicing what is learnt. I am very glad that teachers and staffs work with kids to help achieve academic goals. The staffs are amazing and very helpful. I am really thankful and I definitely recommend this center.

- Sabina Shrestha

We accidentally found Best Brains when we were looking for summer care and aftercare for our kids and we have been nothing but happy. Our daughter loves the place and has been enjoying learning Chess and doing Science even during summer. Our son is younger but has definitely benefited from the learning program. The staff is very caring. Our kids say they are really good teachers. What more can we ask for!

- Meena Rork

We don't have tons of knowledge about after schools but our experience with Best Brains was beyond our expectations. Best Brains offered various enrichment classes. They have great teachers and helpers and very happy environment. The kids finish their homework (A must for us since we both have full time jobs and long commutes) and then do a variety of activities. Overall we are very happy with Best Brains. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with them.

- Lina Paz

I can say better things about this place and all staff. They make sure all kids are learning, following directions, doing theirs tasks and also they have fun play times. It's being over a year my son goes there for enrichment classes, summer camp and he love it, he never complaint. And the difference on his grades in school pay off all his hard work.

We are happy to have him there for after school this year. He never wants to leave. Soon his sister will be joining this great place too. :)

Investing in your kids education is always worth it.

- Amanda Fernandes

My son is enjoying his time in best brains. We like the importance they give each kid to make sure they finish their class work and homework. My son has food allergies. they take good care in making sure he doesn't eat any outside food. Their spring break camps are very good. My son enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend this place.

- N Chandran

You are doing very excellent job BEST BRAINS! My son is having a fantastic time. … I particularly appreciate your excellent communication with parents, both before camp started and with email updates each week. It’s often hard to get a good idea of what happened at camp each day from one’s child, so it is wonderful to have your summaries. There is so much more to write............

I would highly recommend this place.
Thank you!

- Sonali Kate

My daughter has been going to summer camp since 3 weeks and she loves it there. It’s hard to pick her up in the evenings as she doesn’t want to leave ;) staffs are great and maintain a clean and healthy environment for kids. Would definitely recommend it.

- Vasudharini Vasudevan

My son like it very much there. The teachers are very good and friendly. He is getting exposed to good educational knowledge. I would highly recommend this place.

- Vittal Reddy

My son loves the best brain summer camp! It seems to be a good mixture of learning and having fun. My son is always so excited to tell me the math games, science projects and games they did in camp. Mrs. Alka and her staff are always so friendly! Keep up the good work Best Brains Clarksburg!

- Lennin Greenwood

I attended the open house event and was quite impressed about what Best Brains can offer to my children. After the assessment test, I could see where my kids need help and how Best Brains Curriculum can help. I actually went to enroll for enrichment classes but decided to do After School Program since it is going to be much cheaper than doing After school and enrichment in two different places. They have it all in one package.Check it out and help your children do better in their academics. I am not a person who does reviews, but I am writing this time so that all the parents in the area can know about Best Brains.

- Priyanka Ada

Best Brains offers excellent tutoring and the material is very helpful. I noticed improvements with my children right away. I highly recommend this center!

- Zavera Ranji Brandon