My two older kids started at Best Brains Algonquin in September. My son went to sylvan for 6 months previous and at $1000/ month for reading/comprehension he did not excel even one grade level so we moved on. I found best brains over a facebook group and decided to give them a try. I signed my son up as well as my daughter. My daughter has advanced even further in all her studies and my son has not only advanced one grade level but 2. He started at first grade leves And is now at his mid- end of third grade level on everything. He is getting constant compliments from school. We enjoy it so much that we even signed up our 4 year old to get school ready. He starts Monday and cant wait. Thank you guys so much

- Jelena Dalibor Petras

This is a great learning center. My two kids go here. Everything is well organized and like the extra activities like group discussions and speeches for kids apart from the course work. The teachers are very supportive and provide a very safe environment.

- Surendra Pamidi

My son started Best Brains a few weeks ago and I can already see the progress in his math and reading. he absolutly loves to go and enjoys all of his teachers

- Amy Elizabeth

A great learning program!! Abacus and General Knowledge are very interesting and students can learn with Fun !! Reading and Math are very essential subjects and absolutely giving head starts to Students of Best Brains!! My daughter learning it with great interest. Needless to say Teachers and staff are so courteous and supportive!! My daughter Absolutely love Best Brain.

- Binita Shah

If you don't want to pay $55-120 an hour for outdated resources and tutors that are not certified teachers, continue to go to the big box learning centers. For a much more reasonable, enrichment-based experience come to BEST BRAINS OF ALGONQUIN and say ""HI"

- Lisa Gruver-Kamps

Excellent program that can be customized as per students' needs and allows them to advance at their chosen pace.

- Padma Jasti

This place is great for additional learning and helping kids build confidence. Its a great way for them to be challenged outside of school curriculum. I love the abacus program because it helps them learn math without relying on calculators but actually helping them remember and be able to quickly do the math in there head.

- Gina Kaur

This is a great place for additional learning. My children learn a ton more here than they do in their regular school. I feel like they are much further along than their peers.Love tgis place and the teachers!

- Fouzia Rana

Nice facility. Staff is very nice and welcoming.

- Uzma Raza

My children benefit immensely from coming to best brains. I highly recommend trying best brains over those other learning centers.

- Ahson Rana