Why Creative Writing?

Mar 05, 2021

Creative Writing is a form of writing where creativity is the forefront purpose through using imagination. It's a skill you can continually improve, the more you work on it. However, as we start there is always has a huge room of improvement.

At our learning center, Best Brains of Algonquin, apart from teaching Math, English, Abacus and other programs, we also offer a Creative Writing Workshop. The genres we cover are mystery, sci-fi, adventure, fantasy and superhero comic. Here are some benefits of enrolling in our super interactive course:

  1. Creative Writing Workshop builds confidence. We are sure every time you create something, whether it's a craft, a dish, a painting, you feel a sense of accomplishment. It boosts your mood and you feel proud of yourself. Creative Writing is a wonderful outlet for your child to do the same. Students end with a formal book reading of the book they publish at the end of the workshop.
  2. Creative Writing Workshop teaches students how to assess creative writing pieces. We focus on peer and teacher review. Not only are students learning by practicing writing, they develop a critical eye so they can assess writing on their own.
  3. Creative Writing Workshop improves communication. Sometimes your child knows a lot but is unable to articulate it well, in verbal or written communication. Other times, they might be great at creative writing yet it is a skill that can eternally improve. The more they dabble in it, the more coherent their next piece of writing.
  4. Creative Writing Workshop is fun and interactive. Watching TV or playing games is fun. That's why most kids like it. Our Creative Writing Workshop ensures students interact and participate in class activities that they will thoroughly enjoy. It doesn't just build upon their writing skills, it plants a seed for love of learning creative writing and more!
  5. Creative Writing Workshop is online, and your child can participate from the safety and comfort of your own home. However, it allows students to build connections with their peers and teachers beyond the fun in class. It helps with mental and emotional health not just because they are able to write how they feel but because of the connections they develop in this workshop.

Our next Creative Writing Workshop begins on March 20th. Email us at for more details or register your child on our website's homepage.