Why Coding?

Jul 09, 2021



  1. the process or activity of writing computer programs.

Some other terms for coding that you may be more familiar with are terms like software programming or computer programming.

Coding at Best Brains of Algonquin is the marriage of STEM education and creativity. The idea of coding for kids may sound counterproductive, but we use programs that put coding into straightforward and easy enough terms for kids to understand. Once they master the basics, we can continue to challenge them with more complex coding concepts. In our Coding course, our teachers lead students through modules that are specially curated to coach computer science concepts in a hands-on and engaging manner. In simple terms, this course teaches kids how computers work and how to make them do different things. With these tools they can create games, videos, graphics and more!

The more prevalent technology becomes in the 21st century, the more relevant computer literacy becomes. In turn, these computer skills have the potential to grow into real world skills. So many aspects of society are being handed over to technology, such as transportation, banking, even surgery. No matter what career your child demonstrates interest in, coding is an applicable and useful skill for them to obtain at an early age.

Coding also has the ability to improve students’ skills in other facets, such as math and reading. This results in not only the acquisition of new skills, but also the refinement of old ones that better prepare them for the future.

You can transform your child’s love for video games and content creation into a real career in programming with Coding at Best Brains of Algonquin!