What To Do with Your Kids This Labor Day Weekend

Sep 04, 2020

Long weekends bring a lot of excitement! As we repaint our learning center this weekend, we hope your family gets to press pause on Math, English, and any other work to enjoy what this weekend brings. Despite this being an unprecedented year in our lives, 2020 has brought about a simplicity to it. In a way, it has made us realize we don’t need all of the extras! At the end of the day, it is about deep connections with your own family and friends. So here are a few simple ideas on what to do with the kids this weekend:

1. Go on an outdoor tally hunt! Here is a free printable for you:

Outdoor tally hunt

2. Cook up some fun! Here is a sweet red, blue and white salad kids will enjoy making and eating:


3. Setup a movie night in the backyard, pretty soon these warm summer nights will be behind us!

We hope these ideas inspire you to think of other simple things to do this weekend and connect with your family!