Parks to Visit in the Algonquin IL Area

Jun 25, 2021

It is finally the time of year where the kids are out of school, the sun is shining, the days are longer… and they’re sitting inside on their tablet all day. Oh no. It’s the dreaded summer-time screen-time season.

But what on earth do you do to keep your kids away from the screens to experience some real life face-time? It’s way easier said than done sometimes.

Best Brains of Algonquin suggests creating opportunities to get out of the house as a strategy to keep the kids up and moving while also away from their devices. Whether it be taking them to Best Brains to practice their English, Math, Abacus, Coding, etc or having them run errands with you, it’s always good to get them out in order to use up some energy. However, there is something to be said about the benefits of taking the kiddos out into some real sunshine. In order to do this, Best Brains of Algonquin suggests visiting one of the many fantastic parks in the Algonquin area. Here are 3 of our top recommendations!

Deicke Discovery Zone

The amazing part about this playground is that it is fenced in, so you have no need to stress about your kiddos running off while you’re looking away. This playground will keep the little ones preoccupied for hours with the sand excavation area, instruments, and other interactive forms of play.

Towne Park

Right down the street from our center, Towne Park is the perfect place to take your little ones before or after classes at Best Brains! This is the classic old-fashioned playground with tons of different fun aspects to play with.

Sunset Park

The shining star of this park is its splash pad! It’s super fun, free, and a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Right across the parking lot is a series of walking paths, a playground, tennis courts, and basketball courts to tend to everyone’s summer fun favorites.