One Size Does Not Fit All

Sep 01, 2020

There is no doubt that this school year is unprecedented. This pandemic and remote learning are not what we had expected, planned or hoped for. It's important to remember that each family is different with their own needs. At Best Brains of Algonquin, we understand that.

While parents weigh options and try deciding between homeschooling or remote learning, it is important to remember to go easy on yourself. Kids naturally learn what we expose them to, so we just need to be clear and consistent on the choices we make. They may not grasp addition or multiplication as quickly as a parent would like, but if provided the chance to develop a love for learning, it will last them a lifetime.

At Best Brains of Algonquin, our certified teachers understand that we need to inculcate a lifelong love of learning in our students. It fills our hearts to see a student grow from learning the alphabet to sounding out words to reading entire passages. We feel pride when the students who were learning numbers can now add, subtract and multiply. However the Math and English help that we provide is more than just a quick fix to ace their tests. It is a lifestyle.

From the first time you contact us, we listen. We tailor the program to your child. As we teach and help them master these skills, we keep a keen eye on their progress and keep communication open to foster continuous progress.

We can come up with a tailored plan for your child that fits your family’s current needs. Schedule a free appointment to get started!