Mobile App Recommendations

Aug 01, 2019

Don’t underestimate the learning opportunities through mobile app games. These apps provide a lot of fun and help children conquer obstacles and challenges by reaching goals. With so many apps available, it can be overwhelming to decide which are suitable. Check out a few of our recommendations:

Preschool Ages

Busy Shapes & Colors - This is a very simple and fun app that helps young kids learn their shapes and colors. It’s a reminder that not all apps have to have the fancy bells & whistles to keep young kids entertained for hours.

Busy Shapes & Colors App for Kids

Ages 5+

Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens - Let your kids go on a fairy tale adventure that will spark their strategic thinking ability to solve puzzles with magic potions, dragics and many more mystical surprises. You will be amazed how your kids will unlock their minds and believe in fairy tales.

Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens App for Kids

Ages 7+

PBS Kids - It doesn’t get much better than exploring the world of PBS Kids. Your kids will enjoy the many activities, videos and games that follow their favorite PBS Kids characters.

PBS Kids App for Kids

Ages 10+

Lumino City - Your kids will love the beautiful and engaging puzzles playing Lumino City. Guide Lumi, the main character, as she rescues her kidnapped grandfather by using critical thinking to solve clever and tricky puzzles. We imagine many adults will love this game too.

Lumino City App for Kids

Make this experience more fun by setting time to play and learn with your kids. Nothing beats family game night! Enjoy.