Foreign languages for kids

May 19, 2022

Did you know that the perfect time to learn a new language is before someone reaches the age of 10? The child’s brain is ripe for retaining the information overload that is the understanding of a brand-new language, however most often that time jump creeps up on us when it’s simply too late.

But what even are the benefits of learning a new language? Well, in America only 20% of students are bilingual while in Europe that percentage is significantly higher, landing at a whopping 92%. Additionally, knowing a second language can create the possibility for a wage increase for future jobs by up to 15%. Even aside from this, learning a new language unlocks different parts of the human brain that unleashes a world of potential.

What are the benefits of learning a second language as a child?

  1. Learning a second language improves the following skills:
    • Concentration
    • Problem solving
    • Critical thinking
    • Memory
    • Cognitive skills
    • Grammar
    • Reading skills
    • Multitasking
  2. Learning a new language helps to teach children how to build cultural connections with lifestyles that they may not be familiar with, along with a more well-rounded knowledge of the world we live in.
  3. The early retention of a language can also help to foster a natural sounding accent in said language

Learning a second language can help children in a plethora of ways, which in turn develops more opportunities in later college and career circumstances.

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