Fall into fun activities!

Sep 29, 2020

October is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: hay rides, pumpkin patches, apple picking, pumpkin spice, and lots of candy! Here at Best Brains of Algonquin, we have been gearing up for the fall season and we could not be more excited. In order to keep regular fall activities from getting mundane and repetitive, here are some new and exciting activities to take part in this autumn!

  1. Camp in your backyard.
    Do your kids love camping, but you have trouble finding time to make a trip out of it? Bring the trip home to you! The weather is perfect as it isn’t too cold just yet, so gather those tents and sleeping bags and get the bonfire going. Nothing is better than bundling up by the fire, roasting some marshmallows, and cuddling together in a tent with the comfort of your own home so near.
  2. Take part in some spooky science.
    Turn regular Halloween activities into something experimental and exciting by turning your Jack-O-Lantern into a volcano! This is an awesome way to keep the pumpkin carving tradition but with a twist. Click the link for the experiment instructions:
  3. Plant bulbs for the spring.
    Now is the perfect time to plant some tulip bulbs that will blossom in spring since the ground hasn’t hardened yet. What a treat it is to see the tulips finally start growing -- the perfect indication of springtime!
  4. Visit a sunflower farm.
    We all have paid our fair share of visits to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Mix it up this year and find a sunflower farm to go to! Not only is it so cool to stand next to the 6-foot-tall flowers, but it is the perfect picturesque location to make some family memories.
  5. Bake an autumn-inspired dessert
    There are a plethora of recipes on the internet for fun and delicious desserts that are absolutely perfect for the fall! Here is a list of some of our favorites:

While we love teaching Math and English to our students, autumn is our favorite time of year here at Best Brains of Algonquin, and we cannot wait for the weekend so we can enjoy all of the fall fun!