Enrichment vs. Tutoring

Aug 02, 2021

Typically, the words enrichment and tutoring are used interchangeably. Enrichment programs, tutoring services, it all sounds like the same concept, right?

Not quite.

Enrichment and tutoring are two similar concepts, but the goals and processes are actually fairly different from one another. Additionally, neither is inherently superior to the other. It all depends on what your goals are!


Tutoring is typically used for short-term goals. Whether the goal is to help a student “catch-up” or to get them more comfortable with a certain subject, usually the idea is to be a quick fix for those who have fallen behind a bit. Tutoring typically involves homework help and specific subject assistance. For students, tutoring can be the perfect isolated and positive environment to get a one-on-one unique learning experience that helps them to improve study habits and exercise engaging academic challenges.


Enrichment is quite a different take on education compared to tutoring. Enrichment is designed for long-term goals, such as developing a love for learning, building confidence, acquiring time management skills, and learning how to take risks. Enrichment is typically comprised of after school activities that are designed to allow students the opportunity to try new things and explore interests outside the classroom. This can be in the form of cooking, sports, coding, art, and more. Programs that utilize enrichment tactics don’t usually grade or score their students and give students practical tools that they can use in their everyday lives.

The Verdict

Both tutoring and enrichment have their respective benefits. That is why Best Brains of Algonquin works to incorporate the best of both worlds! We meet students at their academic level and put them on the track to reach their full potential by providing the same one-on-one unique learning experience that tutoring provides while also creating a positive environment that students are willing to take risks in. We work with students to help them improve on subjects they struggle with while also providing them with the problem-solving skills to eventually determine solutions on their own. Our primary goal at Best Brains of Algonquin is to create a safe, caring, and engaging learning environment for all of our Math, English, Coding, and Abacus students to flourish in -- utilizing both the tactics of enrichment and tutoring help us to do exactly that!