3 Fun Ways to Introduce the ABCs to Your Child!

Apr 28, 2021

The alphabet -- one of the fundamental aspects of language that is essential for children to learn at a young age. While it's easy enough to put a program on the TV that touches on the alphabet, the value of playing interactive ABC games has a lasting effect that helps children to retain the information easily.

At Best Brains Learning Center in Algonquin, our English classes begin with practicing writing, saying, and using the alphabet. Our curriculum incorporates fun interactive activities for children to practice tracing and individually writing each letter of the alphabet along with one-on-one pronunciation practice with our certified teachers. We practice letter identification, both uppercase and lowercase and eventually we get to work on the whole alphabet!

With our curriculum supplemented by at home ABC activities, your child will be an ABCs pro in no time! Here are 3 fun at home activities to practice the alphabet with your child:

  1. ABC Hide and Seek
    a. For this activity, all you need are index cards or any sort of small piece of paper. Each card should have one letter of the alphabet written on it. Next step is to hide them all around the room (or even the whole house if you want to up the challenge a bit!) and tell your child to find all 26 of them. Make it fun! Join them in the game, maybe with a bit of “Hot and Cold” if they're struggling. Once all the cards have been located, work with your child to arrange them in alphabetical order, identifying each letter as you go. It's the perfect way to get your child up and moving while still getting some ABC practice!
  2. ABC Water Paint
    a. Painting is always a hit with the kiddos -- but the mess is definitely not a hit with the parents. Avoid the mess altogether by painting with water. You heard that right, just water! All it takes is a cup of water, a paintbrush, and rock, sidewalk, porch, anything that changes color slightly when water touches it (and that it doesn't matter if it gets soaked). Ask your child to dip their brush in the water and paint a letter. Continue this through the whole alphabet and be sure to let them draw a few pictures of their choice of course! Not only does this work as great practice for letter recognition but it also exercises their fine motor skills.
  3. ABC Tic-Tac-Toe
    a. We've all played regular old Tic-Tac-Toe. Make it a bit more interesting by using letters other than the classic X and O. Instead, each player picks a letter from the alphabet of their choice, and they play with those letters. This helps your child to practice writing the letters of the alphabet while also allowing them to utilize strategic thinking!