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At Best Brains Bettendorf, we pride ourselves on offering a specialized education experience for children aged 3 to 14. With a focus on Math, English, Abacus, and Coding, we aim to cultivate well-rounded learners who are equipped with essential skills for success.

Our teaching approach is designed to be dynamic and engaging, ensuring that students are continuously challenged and motivated to learn. Unlike traditional methods, we avoid repetition, opting instead to introduce new concepts and skills each week.

Contact us at 563-559-9000 to schedule a free consultation and placement test.

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Packages We Offer!

$139.00 for 1 subjects per month

$259.00 for 2 subjects per month

$379.00 for 3 subjects per month

$479.00 for 4 subjects per month

Disclaimer: Pricing mentioned is per child per month. Location may offer additional subject packages and programs. Contact the local center for more information.