The Best Brains Team in Ajax is very resourceful and helpful. I always witnessed their competence and dedication in giving back their best and their great intentions to assist my child in all possible ways. Even during this Covid-19 situation, they are fully aware of all safety policies and procedures and they take them very seriously. They always exceed my expectations and go above and beyond.

- Nadia Kabir

It is a great learning experience for the kids as the level they enter is on the basis of their aptitude and then after strengthening the foundation the kids move to other levels thus leading to widening of their horizon.

- Samiya Kaur

My son really improved when i decided to enroll him at best brains, I am so happy to his improvement staff Ajax Best Brains always following up about my son improvement thumbs up to them surely to continue my son to do learnings with them my son enjoying every session to his tutor teacher

- Lea Ann. A

Best Brains has helped my son focus better and completes the work in his own. He enjoys doing the work and it has really build up his abilities to do the things better.

- Raju, Yuva

Classes with Best Brains have been so worthwhile! Teachers have an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, asks questions and gets the students to respond which is both fun and promotes faster learning. They are very patient and eager to help. Also they give valuable feedback that helps kids to improve. My daughter loves going to the classes. I would highly recommend Best Brains - Ajax Centre!!

- Indu Mangwani

My daughter just joined Best Brains Learning Center and thoroughly enjoys learning there. The learning materials are interactively designed which creates lots of interest in my daughter, when she do her exercises. The exercises are not repeated unlike few other learning centers, where kids start feeling bored over a period of time. The teachers are so helpful and knowledgeable. Very friendly environment for the kids to learn and explore the subjects of their choice. Thanks Best Brains!

- Senthil Kumar

Best curriculum for the kids to improve their literacy and math.

- Geetha Vikram