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Special Days

  • Halloween Day

    Halloween Day

    Halloween means "holy evening" or "hallowed evening." It is believed that Halloween is derived from ancient Celtic harvest festival of Samhain.

  • World Pasta Day

    World Pasta Day

    World Pasta Day is celebrated every year on October 25. This day is specially created for the people who love to eat carbs daily.

  • National Nut Day
    Special Days

    National Nut Day

    Oct 22, 2017, is not just a regular Sunday, but it’s a nutritious Sunday. This Sunday is observed as “National Nut Day” every year.

  • American Pharmacists Month
    Social Awareness

    American Pharmacists Month

    The month-long observance identifies the impact that pharmacists have on refining the medication use and advancing patient care throughout all practice settings.

  • National Fossil Day - Wednesday of Earth Sciences Week
    General Knowledge

    National Fossil Day - Wednesday of Earth Sciences Week

    National Fossil Day is created to bring scientific and educational awareness in the people and is celebrated on Wednesday of the second full week in October.

  • Elephant Appreciation Day
    General Knowledge

    Elephant Appreciation Day

    The World Elephant Day is celebrated on August 12 each year, and was created to bring awareness to the plight of Asian and African elephants throughout the world.

  • Grandparents Day
    General Knowledge

    Grandparents Day in the United States

    Grandparents Day is a secular holiday in the United States and the United Kingdom since 1978 and it is officially recognized in many countries o various days of the year

  • Cheese Pizza Day
    General Knowledge

    Cheese Pizza Day

    The flat sheet of dough topped with cheese and honey, then seasoned with bay leaves was developed by the Ancient Romans? If we see the modern pizza, it had its creation in Italy as the Neapolitan flatbread.

  • Sweetest Day
    Social Awareness

    Sweetest Day

    It's the sweetest holiday of all. Let's learn about the origins of this generous holiday.