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We believe it's never too early for learning. Best Brains Math and English programs start as early as age 3. Our Abacus classes are for children ages 5 and up. Students are eligible for General Knowledge at age 7.
Unlike other programs we do not believe that the best way of learning is through repetition. In fact, in order to excel in higher grades, a child needs to think creatively, abstractly and logically. Abacus will develop their right brain to help them achieve these skills and more. Our Math and English program is designed to enhance children's academic ability and ultimately achieve higher test scores. General Knowledge is a new concept which no other after school program offers. This unique subject will help your child stand out amongst his/her peers.
We include General Knowledge in our program as it will expand your child's mind beyond what is taught in school. Gradually building their general knowledge and awareness will help them be more confident and a well-rounded individual when speaking to others. This will also help them in college entrance exam essays.
Best Brains Math and English classes will give your child the edge he/she needs to achieve success in school. Students work with the same teachers each week, allowing our teachers to assess student's problem areas and progress. Our weekly homework guides our students through all topics covered in school. The extra help students receive at Best Brains gives them the platform needed to achieve academic success in school.
Abacus is a wonderful tool to enhance the child's mathematical ability. The child can perform advanced calculations with surprising speed and accuracy. In today's world, time is very important and one of the main goals in Abacus is speed. Our classes aim to develop both speed and accuracy in our students, ultimately giving them an edge in any standardized tests and college entrance exams.
We offer both Junior and Senior Abacus classes. Our Junior Abacus is geared for students ages 5-9 and our Senior Abacus is for students ages 10-14. Since students are competing with children their own age, they are highly motivated and learn faster. Weekly competitive quizzes keep spirits high during our interactive classes.
No, Abacus training does not interfere with the school's method of teaching math. In our Abacus classes, we make it clear to use Abacus methodology and in our General Math class our teachers follow similar methods taught in school. Students enjoy both Abacus and our General Math classes independently and understand the difference between the two.
With Abacus, mental arithmetic, a child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his/her own mental power, anywhere anytime. Abacus also helps in whole brain development specifically the right side which normally remains underdeveloped.
There are many benefits our students receive from Abacus training. One main advantage is speed and accuracy in basic calculations will increase dramatically. With this increase in accuracy, students are more confident and enjoy learning math. Our classes are highly competitive and challenge our students to compete with their classmates. This level of competitiveness carries on throughout their academics. Another main advantage of Abacus training is the development of the student's photographic memory. We train our students to do all calculations visually.