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Best Brains Summer Camp is Serious Fun

May-10, 2021

A group of children standing outside wearing backpacks with their arms raised up and smiling

Our kids have a lot of catching up to do this summer! Between potentially having fallen behind in their studies due to distance learning and being separated from friends and opportunities for socialization, our kids have been missing out!

Lots of parents are making plans to enroll their children in day camps to combat this situation. But did you know that your local Best Brains can also provide those services? They sure can! Best Brains Summer Camp provides serious fun for your kids while keeping them caught up with their studies!

What is Best Brains Summer Camp?

Our Summer Camp is a daytime program with morning, afternoon or all-day sessions running on weekdays. Campers are provided with a snack and enjoy a number of activities. All Summer Camps include regular Math and English instruction so that campers can attend class during the day instead of the evening. Abacus students also have their weekly classes during camp hours. Camp itinerary also includes an additional Best Brains program, such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing or Science Lab.

Depending on location, other activities include arts and crafts, life science, book club, outdoor activities, field trips, sports and more! Parents are provided with an activity guide so that they can keep track of the daily activities.

Who Qualifies for Best Brains Summer Camp?

Children in Kindergarten through 8th grade qualify for our Summer Camp program. New students are welcome to Summer Camp and it is often a great introduction to Best Brains and motivates them to continue their studies all year long. Current students also benefit since they attend their normal classes during the day and have their evenings and weekends free for unstructured activities and visiting with friends and family.

How are Summer Camps Staffed?

Since Math and English classes are taught during summer camp, our certified teachers are on hand to conduct daily teaching sessions and other activities. We also employ qualified educators and educators-in-training much like other city-organized day camps. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality education along with lots of fun!

How is this Program Priced?

We offer competitive pricing based on number of weeks, days of the week and hours per day that parents sign up for. Since pricing varies by location, we encourage parents to contact their local center for detailed information.

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The ABCs and 1-2-3's of our Baby Genius Program

Apr-26, 2021

A group of kindergarteners smiling and posing for the camera with their arms around each other's shoulders.

Our Math and English programs were designed to support kids' educational journey from preschool to high school. But with so much educational content designed for toddlers, what sets our Baby Genius program apart?

The Baby Genius program is designed for kids ages 3-5. If they're developmentally ready for preschool then they're ready to be a Baby Genius! The first two levels of our Math and English program are designed for the youngest students and provides the foundation for the knowledge they will acquire during their time with us.

So what does the Best Brains Baby Genius Programs do? It helps our youngest students learn their A-B-C's!

  • Ability
    Through our engaging and non-repetitive curriculum, we teach kids the building blocks of Math and English knowledge. Number comprehension, recognition and 0-10 addition in Math, and letting recognition, letter sounds and reading/writing the alphabet in English. Our Baby Genius levels are designed to transition young students into our more advanced levels. Baby Genius English creates a strong foundation for our phonic levels to accelerate reading literacy which we consider the key to learning. Baby Genius Math graduates are ready to understand subtraction and two-digit addition. And our Baby Genius courses help parents too! Since our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core standards your kids are taught in school, going through the Baby Genius program with them helps you understand this new way of conveying information, giving you a head start as your child enters elementary school!
  • Behavior
    Graduating from preschool and kindergarten to first grade can be difficult for most kids. Sitting at a desk, homework assignments and other classroom behavior is expected of them from Day 1. For the Best Brains Baby Geniuses, this transition is a breeze! As early as 3 years old, our kids are sitting with a teacher and are expected to work quietly, be respectful of the other children, raise their hand to ask questions and are even tested on their progress. Our Baby Genius teachers, who have degrees in early learning, help their students to master these skills and practice perfect classroom etiquette. Coming to Best Brains 30 minutes a week improves behavior noticeably according to our parents. They can step into any classroom and know exactly how to act, which helps them focus on learning with no time wasting or tantrums.
  • Confidence
    Our parents have overwhelmingly reported that enrolling in Best Brains increases their child's confidence. For our Baby Geniuses, imparting this confidence puts them on the right track for academic success as they grow and age up through their schooling. The Math and English instruction and practice they receive is designed to set the groundwork for Common Core instruction so that they understand the basis of new concepts as they are introduced. Through a combination of 1-on-1 attention and daily practice at home, our Baby Geniuses learn that they can acquire new skills with dedication, positivity and a spirit of discovery. They also know that using their voice and asking for help will get them to the next level. Baby Geniuses walk tall into school even if they're only knee-high!

Now you know the benefits of our Baby Genius program. So how do you get started? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Attend orientation. Our center director will meet with your family, assess your child's current knowledge and then find the perfect place in our Junior or Senior Baby Genius program to place them.
  2. Show up for class! Our Baby Genius love attending class with our teachers, all of whom are state certified for Early Childhood Education or K-5 (Kindergarten through 5th grade). In small groups, our youngest students learn new concepts and practice fine motor skills.
  3. Practice daily. Our daily homework makes learning fun! Remember to read instructions for our little ones so they can reinforce those skills to be ready for the next class.

That's all it takes. Whether you focus on one or both subjects, your youngest can benefit from this program designed especially for them.

Looking for more instruction than one day a week? You're not alone! Best Brains has also designed an Early Learners Preschool Program! This unique program operates on the same schedule as a normal preschool, but with the high educational standards you expect from Best Brains. Students are in the care of Early Childhood Education teachers and other caring professionals, receive their Best Brains Math AND English instruction included in the program and the best part? Unlike the regular Baby Genius program, Early Learner's is a daytime program so you and your little ones have the late afternoons and evenings free. Not every location currently offers the Early Learners program so see if there's a location near you!

Does your community need an education-forward preschool program? Open a Best Brains center and provide the highest quality education for your very youngest!

Is There a Best Brains Center Near You?

Oct-26, 2020

map, laptop, location, location search, find a location

By now, you've probably heard of Best Brains' 150 locations across the US and Canada, and thanks to our Online Learning program, you can access our Math and English lessons from anywhere. But do you know where in the world our Best Brains centers actually are?

The more we grow, the more kids we can reach. Not only does that mean better school performance and test scores, but also more opportunities for Best Brains students to meet, collaborate, and create future opportunities with each other! Since our students are our #1 priority, we're always eager to support their dreams and ideas, and look forward to their accomplishments today and tomorrow.

Let's take a look at major areas where you can find a Best Brains center.

San Francisco

With 13 locations and counting, the San Francisco area is bustling with Best Brains centers. Known around the world for its impressive Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco has been called the Paris of the West and the Baghdad of the Bay, as a nod to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, cultural diversity, and attitude of tolerance and inclusion. Best Brains expanded to the Bay Area back in 2015, starting with just 2 locations. With over 50,000 students in the area, there are still many opportunities to expand!

Washington DC

Best Brains boasts 10 locations around the United States capital, spread evenly between Virginia and Maryland. DC is, of course, the home of many historical landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Smithsonian National Museum, as well as being the governmental seat of the USA. DC students get to see history being made up close, and we are happy to provide them with our supplemental programs, especially our Public Speaking courses. Many a future leader will either come from or journey to Washington DC at some point in their lives. They deserve every advantage that a Best Brains education can provide along the way!

Texas – Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and for Best Brains that is no exception. We have over 30 locations in Texas alone, spread between Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth (or DFW to locals), and Houston. San Antonio has also just joined the family, opening their first center in September 2020! Known as the Lone Star State, Texas is famous for having an independent streak and an eye to the horizon. Best Brains students can expect that same can-do spirit to be communicated in the classroom. With a mix of 1-on-1 instruction and self-led study, our students thrive.


Not only is Toronto the capital of Ontario and the most populated city in Canada, it's also the 4th most populated city in the whole of North America! It's no wonder than Best Brains has increased its presence there to 16 locations in 4 years. Toronto, like San Francisco, has a reputation for diversity, and is often cited as the most multicultural city in the world, with over 200 ethnic groups calling the metropolis home. A city filled with museums, stunning architecture, and natural beauty from its beaches and forests, there is always something new for a Best Brains student to discover in this incredible city.

Other Locations

Best Brains has multiple locations in many other major cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, and Philadelphia, and at least one center in areas like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, Tampa, and many, many more!!! And with plans to expand into new cities as well as open more locations in established areas, the chances of finding a center near you increase every day!

Do you wish there was a Best Brains center in your area? Chances are, we feel the same way! You can contact Best Brains at any time by phone or email to learn more about your options. Starting a Best Brains center might be the best investment you make in 2021.

Best Brains Online - A How-To Guide

Aug-10, 2020

remote learning, Best Brains, girl at computer, learning from home, colorful workspace

Hi, everyone! This is Ms. Alyssa. You may know me as the host of All About Things, the YouTube series where I share cool, weird, and fascinating facts about all sorts of topics. This is my How-To Guide for our online programs. Today, we're going to talk about what the Best Brains Online program is, and how you can get the benefits of our instruction from anywhere!

The Basics

Just like our in-class instruction, you can attend Math, English and Abacus courses online. You'll use the same materials you use when you're in center, and meet weekly, just like you would normally. We also have other classes you can take online, like Public Speaking and Daytime Learning.

Tips for New Parents - Getting Started

Just signed up for Best Brains online or thinking about signing up? Here's what you'll need to do. First, you need to make sure every child who's signed up for classes takes a diagnostic test. These get sent to you in your email. Make sure you can finish the whole thing in one session! A diagnostic test is meant to assess how much your child already knows, so that we can start learning new stuff right away. So, don't feel bad if they don't know something. We'll teach it to them!

Once the diagnostic test has been completed, you can choose when your child will attend class. Remember, Math and English classes are a half hour each and Abacus classes are an hour. We teach Math and English at the same time if you're enrolled in both. Currently we use the program Zoom to connect students with our teachers. Make sure that the device you give your child has a functioning webcam and that you have a solid internet connection. You can download Zoom here.

Make sure you find a space in your home where your child can attend class. Try to find a place with minimal noise, since nobody likes to be interrupted by loud noises when they're trying to talk or taking a test. Also make sure that there is a solid writing surface, since we're working on homework packets. Be sure to have a pencil and a set of crayons, since we do lots of coloring! If you're in Abacus class, make sure that you have enough room for your workbook and the Abacus tool, since it has to lay flat on the table. Otherwise your beads are going to start sliding around!

Tips for New Students - Best Brains Homework

When you sign up for online learning, you'll be getting all your materials on a month-by-month basis. If you're signed up for Math, English, and Abacus, that's 12 books. That can feel like a lot of work! But don't worry, once you break it down over time it won't seem like so much.

You shouldn't be spending more than 15 minutes per subject on homework. However, you should be working on your homework every day, except for days you have class. Those days, the work is already done! We want students to work on their homework daily since it's the best way to learn and to retain information. If you need help, you can always check the front of your packet for instructions and the answers you went through with the teacher. If you still need help, you can request to meet with your teacher for extra instruction. Click this link to fill out the form. (There's also a really nice tutorial for using Zoom here, too!)

Tips for Best Brains Families - Stick With It!

When we don't have to see each other face-to-face, it can be difficult to hold ourselves accountable. But take my advice: the way to get the most out of the Best Brains Online experience is to stay committed to the process. Be ready for class with a sharpened pencil, fresh crayons, a good eraser, and a positive attitude. Don't be afraid to ask questions; the teacher wants to interact with you! Make sure you're doing each section of the homework every day without putting if off or rushing through it to finish. Parents, make sure you're sending the homework back to be graded, checking periodically for completion, and staying in regular communication with teachers and administrators to make sure you're following the plan. Utilize homework help, it's a part of the program and is meant to be used by all our students each week to make sure they're learning, retaining knowledge, and staying motivated. Lastly, encourage your friends and fellow parents who might be struggling to give Best Brains a try. We can do so much more to help kids all over the US and Canada, but we can't do it without you. Thanks for checking out my How-To Guide, everyone. And remember, Be Your Best!


Want to stay up-to-date with the Best Brains YouTube Channel? Click here. Want to sign up for Best Brains Online? Let's get started!

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What is Best Brains?

Aug-01, 2020

Best Brains, elearning, online education, kids learning together, learning at home

You may have heard of Best Brains as an option for online tutoring help. But what does Best Brains do, and how do we set ourselves apart from other programs?

The Basics

Best Brains offers Math and English classes for kids ages 3 to 14. We teach your child both computational and non-computational math concepts. Our English classes cover all five Language Arts topics: reading comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. We also offer Abacus and General Knowledge classes for kids ages 7 and up. All of our curriculum is unique to Best Brains, and designed to support the same concepts your kids are learning in school, which can lead to better understanding in the classroom, faster homework completion, higher test scores, and better grades. We take a fun, non-repetitive approach to our learning, teaching kids one concept at a time for maximum efficiency.

How does it work?

First, Best Brains only hires board certified teachers to teach our Math and English programs. The same teachers serving in your local community also work for your local Best Brains center! We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, no more than 5 students per teacher at a Math or English table or online session. This guarantees 1-on-1 interaction with each student in a productive environment.

Classes are held once per week. Our teachers teach the concept of the week to your child. Using their weekly homework packet, the student perceives the lesson. Then, at home, the student practices the concept in various ways to reinforce their knowledge. By the end of the week, they perfect their understanding of the concept, and are ready to learn something new!

What is my role?

As a parent, we ask that you bring your child to class each week, or make sure they are ready in front of the computer when their online learning session begins. We provide weekly feedback in your child’s Progress Book, which we ask that you read over and sign, so that we know you’re following along! Lastly, we ask that you provide time for the student’s daily practice. Devoting 10 minutes per subject per day is the most effective way to teach Math and English concepts, and keeps the process fun and engaging for your kids!

Why Best Brains?

We are the premiere, US-based educational company devoted to providing a well-rounded education to children in the US, Canada, and beyond. Our commitment to hiring the most qualified educators, providing the most effective curriculum, maintaining the most competitive pricing, and continually striving to improve and expand on what Best Brains is, means that now is the perfect time to join the Best Brains Family!

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