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Time Person of the Year

Jan-18, 2017

Time Person of the Year - 2017

Person of the Year was called as Man of the Year until the year 1999.It is ayearlysubject of the United States News publication Time which features and projects a person, a group,an idea, or an object so as tofor better or for worse; has done the most to influence the proceedings of the year."


The process of selecting the "Man of the Year" has startedsince 1927, with Time editors by taking a look at the news makers of the year. This idea was also an effort to change the editorial discomfitureof the previous year of not having aviator Charles Lindbergh on its cover upsubsequentto his historic trans-Atlantic flight. But, by the end of the year, it was determined that a cover story featuring Lindbergh as the Man of the Year would serve both the purposes.

Process of Selection

In spite of the name, the title is not just decided to individuals. The selection process not only included singles, whereas many pairs of people; such as married couples and supporting opponents, classes of individuals, even the computer ("Machine of the Year" in 1982), and "Endangered Earth" ("Planet of the Year" in 1988) have also been selected under the special year-end issue.

U.S. Presidents

Since the beginning of the list every serving President of the United States has been nominated as a Person of the Year and won the title at least once with the exceptions of Calvin Coolidge. Most of them were named Person of the Year either the year they were voted or while they were in place of work.

However the only one to be given the title prior to being elected was Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the year 1944 as Supreme Commander of the Allied Invasion Force, this happened eight years before his election. Eisenhower subsequently received the title again in 1959, while he was in the office. Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only person to have received the title three times, first title as president elect in 1932 and later as the incumbent president for the years 1934 and 1941.

Women who were in this part

During 1999, the title was changed to Person of the Year. Women who have been chosen for identification after the renaming include "The Whistleblowers" - Cynthia Cooper, Sherron Watkins and Coleen Rowley in the year 2002, Melinda Gates along with Bill Gates and Bono were jointly selected in 2005, and Angela Merkel in 2015. Earlier to 1999, four women were selected for the title as individuals: three as "Woman of the Year" amongst them were Wallis Simpson (1936), Queen Elizabeth II (1952) and Corazon Aquino (1986) and one as partially of the "Man and Wife of the Year", Soong Mei-ling (1937). The American Women" were acknowledged as a group in 1975. Other classes of people of the time comprise both men and women, such as "Hungarian Freedom Fighters"  in 1956, "U.S. Scientists" 1960, "The Middle Americans"  in the year 1969, "The Inheritors" in 1966, "The American Soldier in 2003, "You" in 2006, The Protester in 2011 represent on the cover by a woman, and "Ebola fighters" 2014. Though the title on the magazine remains "Man of The Year" for both the 1956 "Hungarian Freedom Fighter" and the 1966 "Twenty-five and Under" edition which featured both the women standing behind a man, and "Men of the Year" on the 1960 "U.S. Scientists" edition which absolutely featured all men on it's cover up. It wasn't until the 1969 edition on "The Middle Americans" did the title hold"Man and Woman of the Year."