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Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago

Jan-29, 2017

Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago

The 44th President of The United States,Barack Obama, bid farewell on Tuesday, January 10th, to the country he served for eight years with many mixed emotions. The speech was held in his hometown at McCormick Place on the South Side of Chicago and was nationally televised. While his arrival was a remarkable thing to the people over in Chicago, the reports say that the traffic was snarled along the Kennedy Expressway and Lakeshore Drive.  The presidential motorcade made one of its final trips on the roads from O’Hare while transporting the president to Hyde Park where he dined at a Valois Restaurant before his speech.

The event was flooded withpeople,the luckiest crowd were thosewho obtained the free tickets to stay inthe Convention center and listen to the president’s last speech. The convention center was lit in red, white and blue. Elsewhere in the city, restaurants and bars for a moment went quiet and the TVs were switched on with the crowds of viewers gathered.

For some, the Obama's send-off speech offered a moment of reflection and a brief break from weeks of political chaos. The skilled speaker, Obama, concluded his presidency in a matter of minutes and offered some of his thoughts on the role of the democratic system as the country enters its next chapter. People in the convention center managed to wipe away their tears and let us know some of their favorite moments from Obama's final presidential speech.

What did Obama speak about on his influential years in Chicago?

Though Obama was born in Hawaii, Obama got adeveloping interest in politics while living in his adopted home in Chicago. This is where he met his wife, Michelle. Early in his speech, he acknowledged the lessons he learned while working as a community controller. In his own words, he says... “This is where I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it."- Obama.

Obama on his achievements

The central theme of Obama's first campaign was to bring about the change and he took this moment during his final speech and demonstrated the ways how he has reshaped the nation. While the list of his achievements was lengthy, it ranged from increased access to health insurance, marriage fairness, job conception, a re-establishment of relations with Cuba and anxiety of the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. He also acknowledged the motivations behind his policies, and he says that "we have shown the ability to change, and make life enhanced for those who follow."

Obama’s participatory on nature of democracy

After espousing the dangers of economic difference, bias, and membership, Obama discussed and warned about the great threat on political indifference. In his own words he says that "our democracy is in danger as we take it for granted whenever we like to do," he stated urging all citizens to obtain an interest in the decisions being made in their own communities, states and the nation at large. He also inspired few people to hit the campaign trails about the elected officials.

In a world where political dialogues have progressively moved to social networks, Obama asks the Americans to get outside of their comfort zones. He says that people are becoming so secure in their own bubbles where they accept only the information, and not looking back to seewhether it’s true or not.  He said, acknowledging to media segmentation will make it simple to find people who concur with your view and easier to discharge the beliefs of others. Obama also made a plea for personal interactions with individuals with opposite view points, by saying "If you’re exhausted of arguing with strangers on the Internet, try to speak with one in real life."

Obama Words to the next generation

While observing the peaceful change of power to his heir, he made a point of acknowledgment about the growing influence of a new generation of Americans. In his words-  "This generation is coming up –unselfish, creative, patriotic – I’ve seen you in every corner of the country," He said, placing his trust in the young people who will form the future of the United States. "You’ll soon outnumber any of us, and I deem as a result that the prospect is in good hands."